Letter from Henry Clay, 15 November 1843

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15th Nov. 1843
Dear Sir
I have received your letter, in behalf of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, stating that you understand that I am a Candidate for the Presidency, and enquiring what will be my rule of action relative to you, as a people, should I be elected.
I am profoundly grateful for the numerous and strong expressions of the People, in my behalf, as a Candidate for President of the ; but I do not so consider myself. That must depend upon future events, and upon my sense of duty.
Should I be a Candidate, I can enter into no engagements, make no promises, give no pledges, to any particular portion of the people of the . If I ever enter into that high office, I must go into it free and unfettered, with no guarantees but such as are to be drawn from my whole life, character and conduct.
It is not inconsistent with this declaration to say, that I have viewed, with a lively interest, the progress of the Latter day Saints; that I have sympathised in their sufferings under injustice, as it appeared to me, what has been inflicted upon them; and that I think, in common with all other Religious Communities, they ought to enjoy the security and protection of the Constitution and the Laws.
I am with great respect, Your friend & obt. servt
Joseph Smith Esq
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<Novr. 15th. 1843
to Joseph Smith
13 May 44> [p. [4]]


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    Docket in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.