Letter from Hiram Clark and Others, 21 October 1842

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, Oct. 21st. 1842.
Beloved Brother Joseph
I send you by the hand of , Sixty-two Pounds, eight shillings, to be at your disposal to expend on the , or the , as you deem expedient.
I have also left in the hands of One hundred and <​forty​> fifty dollars, in notes of one hundred dollars against — and forty against — which I have left for the purpose of building a house for myself. Should you think Sister Clarke [Thankful Gill Clark] worthy of a better house to dwell in— you will please direct the Building Committee to build one next spring about the size of Brother Dunn’s, and of the same materials, to be finished agreeably to the will of my Wife.
Whatever means may come into my hands shall be subject to your order either to be transmitted to you in [p. [1]] in money or goods
The word of the Lord in this though violently opposed by the Priests of the day and their adherents, has assumed a position, that astonishes while it alarms the minds of many— Individuals of a highly repectable sphere are beginning to be interested, and to join the Church, and while many cry delusion, fanaticism, madness, &c— it is manifest to friend and foe, that the Saints have “a method in their madness”— that inspired them with a go-a-head principle that not power can stay
In conclusion I pray that the Lord God may preserve you and deliver you from the hands of your enemies, and enable you finish the work he has give you to do in all faithfulness to him and honour to yourself
— [p. [2]]
[1/4 page blank] desires his love to yourself, and family, to and all the Twelve, and to all Saints.
Though unknown and unseen desires the same privilege an[d] sympathizes in heart in the prayers of the Saints, for your own welfare and the welfare of Zion.
We all desire an interest in your prayers and that of the brethren
[p. [3]]
Mr. Joseph Smith.
, &
Oct. 21. 42
£ 62.
Oct. 2[1]. 1842
, & To the First Presidency [p. [4]]


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    Signatures of Thomas Ward, Hiram Clark, and Amos Fielding.  

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    Docket in handwriting of Willard Richards.  

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    Docket in handwriting of Thomas Bullock