Letter from Horace Hotchkiss, 30 October 1843

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30th. Oct. 1843
Jos. Smith Esqr.
Dear Sir— Your obliging letter is received and it appears the Carthage Resolutions were what many even here supposed they were the mere ebulitions of angry politicians— I contemplate visiting the coming winter and have taken this liberty to trouble you with another letter of enquiry upon another subject—I am very desirous to improve the property at your belonging to Messrs. and and myself so that I can derive an income from it— I wish to enquire of you whether it would be practicable to exchange some of our rear lots to some responsible contractor for buildings erected on our front or water lots— It would be an object of importance to have a block of extensive ware houses built where produce and goods could be received and have them easily accessible to Steam Boats— If continues to succed they will soon be indispensably required and as bricks and other building materials are I understand plenty and cheap with you I thought it probable that an arrangement of this sort might be entered into— If you have leisure from your other avocations will you favour me with your views upon this subject— If any contractor would prefer farming lands instead of City Lots I can in that way make to him a very satisfactory arrangement as we have such lands in different parts of the of the choicest quality
Very Respectfully Yours
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<​ Ct. OCT <​31​>​>
<​PAID​> <​25​>
Rev Joseph Smith
Hancock County
Oct 30 1843
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    Docket in handwriting of William Clayton.