Letter from Isaac W. Stathem, 10 May 1843

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May 10th 1843
Dear brother in the Lord
I embrace this oppertunity to Let you [k]now that I and my wiffe has not forgot you and famaley. we are well at present and and in hopes those lines will find you all well.
I have bin striven hard this last year to get a nuff [enough] a head to come out this spring but by being Cheeted out of a good deal I am a fraid that I will not be able to come out this spring but it is my wish.
but I wish you to [k]now I left my Retens [returns?] and bisness in ’s hands and he has not bin the man to send me anney word concerning it I sent him a letter last spring and at the same time send sent out a small pa[ck]age of goods by brother Coplen & others those goods was directed to you and I stated in the letter I wished those goods sold and the proseeds paid over to Brother Mathes on that Land I bought of him like wise enformed him that when Morrissons [Arthur Morrison’s] year was up their would be from 10 to 15 dollers due me thar and for to Collect those moneys and pay them over [to] Mathews and get a settlement with Mathews and Lat me [k]now by a letter what the ballence was comeing and I would get the money a[nd] send it out the first oppertunitey but I have not never bin able to [k]now how the things stands [p. [1]]
but I would not Like to Loos the Land for If their was not money a nuff to pay for the Land than thair must be now for their Is a nother year’s rent due on the hous I had not a chance of settleing with Mathews before I came a way their fore things was Lift at Loos ends but I had paid him a but [about] 20 dollers on the second note for he got a looking glass of us which was Eleven Dollers be sides other things
I will now Leve of now the temprel a fairs and say something a but spiritual th[i]ngs Things past a long with me and the Church verry well untill the 10 St Church and 3d Street Church Come to gether it was like Cold watter Comeing in Contact [with?] hot water in a red hot B[o]iler it must Colaps. and burst when the Julian St Church was a stablished Came to me and said he was going round a mung the 10 St members and Requested them all to turn out and in at the Colletions as much as they could for the 3d St members was a posed to that Church thairfore I as one went for werd and they got a bout one Doller a week from mee till forbid Comeing to the Church and a stablished Worton [William Wharton] on the throne who is a snake in the grass and a dictator of Lise [lies] which Can be prooven, for he has bin Caut more than once and then him and then took in them that had struck thair names of the Church books for more them one [p. [2]] one yeir and others that was dis fellow shiped took shuch [such] in full Communion and then turned round lide [lied] about the 10 St members and for so doing thair was Charges brought against which he would not give no satisfaction and be caus I went a gainst shuch proseedings thair was shower of Lies and slander Showered Down on me for which I presented too C[h]arges against one Conspiring a gainst me and the other Slander and I could brought one against him for Evedropen. [eavesdropping] thair fore they Cald a prevet meeten and disfellowshiped me and my wife. but I will fech those C[h]arges up to when I come and of Afadavid up with me to show what Cind [kind] of carectors they got to testify a gainst me I will leve the rest for to state for he [k]nows all about it and what they have Charged a gainst us is folse and God will Juge them for it
I remain yours under the bonds of the
Isaac W Stathem [5 lines blank] [p. [3]]
To Mr
Joseph Smith
Isaac W Strathem
May 10th. 1843.—
May 10. 1843
Isaac W. Stathem [p. [4]]


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    Docket in handwriting of Willard Richards.  

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    Docket in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.