Letter from J. F. Edgerton, 5 September 1842

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Ill 5. Sept. 1842
Dear Sir,
Having an opportunity of sending a line to you by one of your friends, (though not a Mormon) I improve it by giving you a word of common report report among the civilized people. I find the general wish is, that you will not be taken, if you are that you will not resist the officers for you have a heartless people to deal with, all are in hopes that you will leave your town for the present, until the present excitement subsides I say all, I mean the better part of community. I have no more time to write,— dont let those Blood Hounds get you.
Your friend
Gen Smith Est.
P. S. If I can do your painting I will write you again, soon If you cant have your portrait taken now please write me soon
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Genl. J. Smith
pr Mr Reynolds
<​ Sepr. 5th. 42 Answerd Sep. 7— 1842​> [p. [4]]


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