Letter from James B. Nicholson, 25 January 1842

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Jany. 25/42
To the President of the Church of Christ.
I enclose the sum of twenty eight dollars. being the balance of the debt due to . by the Church in and which was donated for the , upon my first being appointed one of the committe[e] of Finance. I was informed that had in the commencement of the work in this , loaned the sum of 125 dollars for the purpose of fitting up a place of Meeting, we have endeavored as fast as possible to discharge this as fast debt, 75. dollars we sent out by the hands of Pres.t . 5 dollars we gave to whilst he was in the , 17. dollars we sent out by the hands of Elder Samuel Parker, who said you had authorised him to collect funds for the . we have their several receipts for the sums we have already paid. you will please write a line acknowledging the receipt of this, in order to have data to show for this money. as we have borrowed it for this purpose. Bishop [Jacob] Syfritt has requested me to say that he would feel grateful for a reply to his. letter, so that if misrepresentations have been made. they may be made known.
I remain yours &c
118. N 7th. St. [p. [1]]
[page [2] blank] [p. [2]]
Prest Joseph Smith
Hancock Co.
Politeness of
. [p. [3]]
<​The Berks County Bank​> <​$1.—​> <​No 1435.​>
<​" Manufactures. & Mechanics​> <​"1.—​> <​" 15634​>
<​" Exchange Bank​> <​"1.​> <​" 33269​>
<​" State Bank of Camden​> <​"5​> <​800b​>
<​" Farmers " of the State of Delaware​> <​20.—​> <​895​>
<​To be entered to the credit of pr hand . pr Letter.—​>
<​Feb 26 {Received $3: as consecration <​from the Brethern in ​> per hand ​>
<​ or by $5,00​>
<​ &c $5,00— he recivd [received] of ,​> [p. [4]]


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