Letter from James B. Nicholson, 25 January 1842

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Jany. 25/42
To the President of the .
I enclose the sum of twenty eight dollars. being the balance of the debt due to . by the Church in and which was donated for the , upon my first being appointed one of the committe[e] of Finance. I was informed that had in the commencement of the work in this , loaned the sum of 125 dollars for the purpose of fitting up a place of Meeting, we have endeavored as fast as possible to discharge this as fast debt, 75. dollars we sent out by the hands of . 5 dollars we gave to whilst he was in the , 17. dollars we sent out by the hands of Samuel Parker, who said you had authorised him to collect funds for the . we have their several receipts for the sums we have already paid. you will please write a line acknowledging the receipt of this, in order to have data to show for this money. as we have borrowed it for this purpose. has requested me to say that he would feel grateful for a reply to his. letter, so that if misrepresentations have been made. they may be made known.
I remain yours &c
118. N 7th. St. [p. [1]]
[page [2] blank] [p. [2]]
Joseph Smith
Hancock Co.
Politeness of
. [p. [3]]
<The Berks County Bank $1.— No 1435.
" Manufactures. & Mechanics "1.— " 15634
" Exchange Bank "1. " 33269
" State Bank of Camden "5 800b
" Farmers " of the State of Delaware 20.— 895>
<​To be entered to the credit of pr hand . pr Letter.—​>
<Feb 26 {Received $3: as consecration <​from the Brethern in ​> per hand Dr >
< or by $5,00
&c $5,00— he recivd [received] of ,> [p. [4]]


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    When organized in 1830, the church was denominated the “Church of Christ.” In 1834 the name was changed to “Church of the Latter Day Saints,” and an April 1838 revelation incorporated both previous names: “For thus shall my Church be called in the Last days even the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.” (“Communicated,” The Evening and the Morning Star, May 1834, 160; Revelation, 26 Apr. 1838 [D&C 115:4].)  

    The Evening and the Morning Star. Independence, MO, June 1832–July 1833; Kirtland, OH, Dec. 1833–Sept. 1834.

  2. 2

    On 22 October 1840 James B. Nicholson, Jacob Baker, Jesse Price, William West, and William Wharton were “appointed a Committee to have the care of the financial affairs of the Church” in Philadelphia. (Philadelphia, PA, Minutes and Records, 22 Oct. 1840, 8.)  

    Philadelphia, PA, Minutes and Records, 1840–1854. CCLA.

  3. 3

    The “place of Meeting” was likely the branch’s original meeting space in the Marshall Institute building in the Northern Liberties neighborhood. (See Historical Introduction to Petition from James B. Nicholson et al., 22 Apr. 1842.)  

  4. 4

    Hyrum Smith helped “more extensively” organize the branch on 6 April 1841 and solicited donations at that time to build the Nauvoo temple. (Philadelphia, PA, Minutes and Records, 6 Apr. 1841, 16, 19.)  

    Philadelphia, PA, Minutes and Records, 1840–1854. CCLA.

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    No letter to Syfritt has been located.  

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    All following notations are in the handwriting of Willard Richards.  

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    Although Nicholson did not mention this donation, Bennett carried it to Nauvoo along with Nicholson’s letter. Willard Richards recorded the donation in the Book of the Law of the Lord in an entry immediately below the one recording the twenty-eight dollars from Nicholson. (Book of the Law of the Lord, 84.)  

  8. 7

    This notation refers to a five-dollar credit made to Leonard Soby’s tithing account per hand of Reuben Hedlock; the credit was recorded in the Book of the Law of the Lord on 5 March 1842. (Book of the Law of the Lord, 96.)