Letter from James M. Adams, 16 November 1842

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Ashtabula Co Ohio No 16<​the​> [16th] 1842
Brother Joseph Smith Dear sir
It is with heartfelt grattitude to our heavenly Father that a priveledge is at this time is aloted me of addressing you through the medium of my pen & informing you of the prosperity of the cause of God which you have been the honored instrument in the Lords hand in bringing to light in These last days for the salvation of the honest in heart by gathering to gather & being prepared to stand upon when the Saviour shall appear in the clouds of heaven with power & great glory. Certain it is that truth will ere long Triumph over falshood bigottry & delusion for almost daily some in this part of the Lords vineyard are becomming convinced of the correctness of those principles which the great Jehove has reveiled unto a falling & apostate world in this generation because it is in accordiance with all other Dispensations heretofore given & of the great plan of salvation which was devised in the cabinet of Eternal Wisdom before the foundation of the world for the final restoration of Israel & the establishment of the Kingdom of God to be thrown no more down forever. During the past year there has been a number added to this branch of the church & also others in verious places in this section of the country where the Elders of Israel have been faithful in proclaiming the everlasting Gospel free free & unmixed from the precepts & doctrins of men. Thus the honest in heart will be gathered out while the hypocrite & those who have drank deep into the sperit of aposticy & deluson both Priest & people are bemoaning themselves because the Lord is spoiling <​there​> pasture bringing to light the hidden things of dishonisty & causing the light of revelation & the glorious Gospel to shine fourth amid the darkness which has prevaded the world of manakind for the last twelve hundred years & upward. And may the God of the saints be praised & adored because the day spring from of on high has dawned upon a dark & benighted world & brought the principles of life & immortality [p. [1]] to light caused the Kingdom of God to grow & flourish its Judges is bein[g] restored as at the first & its counsellors as at the beginning.
Before I close my communication I would say a word respecting the members of this branch of the church relitive to there situation temporaly. Generaly speking we are poor as to the things of this world but I hope that some are rich in faith & will become heirs of the Kingdom. Notwithstanding our poverty we are anxious to send up our mits [mites?] to assist in accomplishg the great work of God in building the according to revilation. I have therefore used my best endeavours to gather what I could for this most glorious object As an opertunity is offereded us of sending by Br [Samuel] Russell. It is but a little that we shall be able to send at this time as <​we had​> only a day or two notice that there would be an oppertunity of sending this faul. We shall calculate to send somthing more in the spring when Br returns.
I will give below a list of the articles sent & the togather with the nam[e]s of those who sent them & wish the worth amount placed to ther credit to apply on there tithing. I Close by subscribing myself your brother in the bonds of the new & everlasting covenent
Joseph Smith
Donors Names) (Articles Sent
(Cash—— $10.00
(one Pair Shoes
(Seven yard Flanel
(one Pair Socks
(Paid to ten Dollars
David H. Parsons (two yards and three fourths of fulled cloth
(two Pair Socks
(one Pair mittens
David Holman twenty five Pounds Dried Aples
[p. [2]]
Names Articles Sent
Samuel Arnold (one Veal Skin
two Sheep Skins
one Pr socks
(one Skein Yarn
Gamaliel R. Grover (one Pr Boots
John Riggs— (one Pr Boots
Benjamin Soles, Pa. (Cash five Dollars
James Van Natta— D[itt]o. (Cash five Dollars
Clarinda Gleason—— (one quilt t[w]o Plain wipers
Susan Holman—— (four ½ yds muslin
Susan Tyler one Pr Socks
Sally Geer—— one Pr. Socks
Jonathan Willson one Pr mittens
[p. [3]]
Joseph Smith
Novr. 16 1842


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