Letter from John C. Calhoun, 2 December 1843

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<​Hon ​> ’s Reply
“Fort Hill 2d Decr 1843
“You ask me what would be my rule of action, relative to the Mormons, or Latter day Saints, should I be elected President, to which I answer; that, if I should be elected, I would strive to administer the Government. according to the Constitution and the laws of the ; and that, as they make no distinction between citizens of different religion creeds, I should make none. As far as it depends on the Executive Department, all should have the full benefit of both, and none should be exempt from their operation.
But, as you refer to the case of , candour compels me to repeat, what I said to you at ; that according to my views, the case does not come within the Jurisdiction of the Federal government, which is one of limited and specific powers.
With respect I am &c &c
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