Letter from John Cowan, 31 May 1844

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— May. 31st 1844—
Gen’l. J. Smith—
Sir— I returned this morning from and Baltimore
I wished I was with you for a few hours— to communicate all the sayings and doings— I called on — and stated to him your condition— he told me you should have justice done you— I intimated the propriety of giving you a commission in the Unilia S [United States]— Army— with a proper influence— you could easily obtain it— Bye the by— I find — has great weight with the — Gen’l the is a great friend of yours— he spoke of you in and Baltimore— very highly
I think it would— be good policy— to send him back— to Congress— as he can be of great service to you
Old fellew [fellow]— take Care of your local matters in politics— keep them light for the present— As there are many new things springing— up— I have something to communicate to you— which is of great impertence [importance] to your Local matters— in a political way [p. [1]]
I seen the Mormon— delegatine [delegation] that is — & — in Baltimore also our old mutual friend
Your petition to congress— to raise a hundred thousand men creates quite an Excitement throughout the Count[r]y
Your views upon the & — question— are quite popular in this Country— They begin to say now— Joe Smith is no fool after all— I say— I could have told them that long ago— if they had asked me the question— I shall send this letter to and make some one Frank it— will write you in a few days again—
Your’s respectfully
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General. Joseph Smith
May 31. 1844
To Genl. Joseph Smith
June 28th.
20 June
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    Docket in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.  

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    Notation in graphite in unidentified handwriting.