Letter from John E. Page, 15 August 1842

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Augu[s]t the 15— 1842
Pres Joseph smith
Dear Brother
I have just a moment to write— I have just time to say that I have the unspeakable pleasure this morning to form an acquaintance with Elder of who in company with called with me this morning— I look on as being one of the best and most able of all Gods servants and is worthy of the high esteem of the high authorities of the church of Latter day Saints— Should there hapen to be vacancies to fill in any of the highest quorums is worthy of the firs[t] notice in my humble opinion— will sit before you the high anxieties of the public mind concerning disclosures of the character of the Saints we Elders abroad in the world are the Sufferers on us beat all the winds storms and rain because the foundation of the church is Apostles and prophets but thank God we are able yet— yet we are anxous that the Authorities should furnish as much means for argument should be furnished as posible send me a copy of the Extra wasp— I think it is posible that some one has taken the one sent me from the office the regular Numbers of the wasp has come as yet There are many enquiring after the truth an able refutation of s slanders will do much to help us here [p. [1]] I wish you to send me a copy of all the papers sent me from the first to last the Star published at [Missouri] the messenger and Advocate &c, &c— I will pay when I can is the best I can say— please Send me Hymn Books & the Book of mromon [Mormon] to sell on commission and all other Books of or Pamphlets such as you please Give me a bill of Prices at the wholesale on commishion— the signs of good in this city are good at this time our chapel was full last evening the reports are very favorable this morning scores are on the fence— I am now writing for the methodist paper in this city—
yours in haste—
President J. Smith
Ill [p. [2]]