Letter from John Harper, 14 July 1842

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July the 14th. 1842—
Gen. Joseph Smith Dear sir:—
I learned this mornin that there was a report going in your , that I was in the antimormon convention last year, and made a speech in favor of the convention. I will say <​and​> am and am abel to prove the course I took then. in the firs[t] place I never attendade the precinct meeting att all, and at , I only came in on other other buisaness, and that in the after part of the day, I was invited in to the court house, and I went in to see wh[a]t was a going on, after I was in a few minuets, I saw that Mr was a busing Mr. [Sidney H.] Little, and Mr [John F.] Charles, for going for your charterad privaledges, I rose and made a speech in opposition to , and said then that Little and Charles had only done their duty and if I had a been a member of the legislater, I would of went as strong for that measure <​as​> they did, I only drop these lines in great hast[e] to you, for to let you know the facts of the case, <​I can prove the above​> by Mr Charles and other, please let your friend know thes[e] facts, I am a true friend to equal rights, and if I am electid my constituance [constituents] may know that I will do my duty, I am now a makeing speeches in oppision [opposition] to antimormonis, and persuaiding my friends, that the Mormons w[i]ll be a blesin to to the in sead [instead] of a curse.
I am yours truly in great hast[e],
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Gen. Joseph Smith.
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