Letter from John W. Latson, 7 January 1842

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J Smith Esqr
Dear Brother
not succeding in Obtain[in]g the goods at , the particulars of which I presume were commu[ni]cated to you by Br. Miller I thought it wisdom for me to return home, and obtain what goods I could & return— I have acted in pursuance of the above plan, and have every prospect of geting two to three thousands dollars worth at any rate, thoug[h] every thing is very dul hear & money hard, I found my Famley in good health, &c at one time we had some talk about the notes if you will write me the particulars, and what you want me to do in this or any other mat[t]er I will attend to it with the graest [greatest] of pleasure, as to my news in relation to the purchase of goods they were fuly & freely communcatd to Br miller, to whome I would refur you if you should not approve of my coming home at the time I did or if I can in any way do any thing which would be benificial to yourself or the church pleas State it in your leter, and I will do as you Shall direct [p. [1]]
I hope you will not think hard of me for coming home, I remained in , untill the next Sunday after Br miller left, on board the Steamer I fell in with Judge Craton [John Catron] of the Supream Court of the , who was on his way to to hold the Supream court their he is the judge of the <​U. St​> curcuit cou[r]t of , Congress has approp[r]iated 10,000 $ to for a mission and to civilized th[e] Osage Indians of which he has the charge and offerd it to me with the protiction of the U. S. Court. Genl. Mc. Neal was allso one of the party who strongly urdge me to accept it if I went to the west to Live I parcily agreed to take charge of the mision if the Indian ageneces was added
to this propsistion the Judge & Genl bouth pledge themselves to use their influance with the President and had no dout of my Obtaining it, and Strongly urdge me to go on to with them to get the appointment
this I declined aleding [alleging] ill health as the reason, for I did not want to do anything in the primises untill I knew your mind on the subject, which you will pleas commu[n]icate and I will act accordingly they did not know of my being a member of the Church of Lat[t]er day Saints [p. [2]] or of any other denomanation one grate Object being to prevent the selling of Liquor to the natives
I informed them of my stay in &c they though[t] me purty well Mormonired— do not publish any part of this but simply write me what you want me to do under the curcumstances
my health has ben very poor since my return, home, but I am now much bet[t]er so as to be able to attend to buisness
I am making preparations to return to your city by the last of Febuary or the first [of] march
give my kindest regards to and your aimable Famley
With the highest considerations I remain your Most Obt Svt
Jany 7th 1842 [1/4 page blank] [p. [3]]
<​PAID​> <​25​>
<​ JAN 12​>
Joseph Smith Esqr
Hancock Co Ill. [p. [4]]


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