Letter from Joseph L. Heywood, 7 February 1844

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Feby 7th 1844
Dear Brother Joseph Smith
It has been for some time my desire to write you; not only to keep up an acquaintance which was commenced under peculiarly interesting circumstances; but for the purpose of soliciting you to make me & my family a visit bringing with you your dear (for Whom I entertain feelings of the highest esteem) & as many of your children as you conveniently can bring.
My regard for your personal welfare would not admit of my influenc[in]g you to come if I supposed you could not do so safely; but I do not know of a citizen in our vicinity who would be in the least disposed to offer you harm. Many of our citizens & particular friends visited your last summer & have often expressed their delight at the reception they met with from yourself & others.
It is with great pleasure I am able to anounce to you the prosperity of our Branch in ; both Temporal [p. [1]] and spiritual.
There are quite a number believing, some of whom are to be Baptised on Sunday next.
It would be very encouraging to us if you could plan a visit so as to stop with us over Sabbath when you come.
Bro [Joseph] Pine formerly from Ohio Presides over our Branch and a most excellent man he is too.
I am happy to learn from various sources that a most excellent spirit prevails at & that the order of the Kingdom is Rapidly rolling forth through the instrumentality of Him whom God hath raised up to be both a “Prophet & a Seer” to this Generation.—
I feel greatly to rejoice that has been my lot to be numbered with the Saints & my constant Prayer is that I may be found faithful— & that I may be also useful in rooling forth Gods work in these last days. On receipt of this I should be extremely happy to hear from you & hope you can consistently comply with my request in visiting— My Bro & Sister Kimball often express a desire to become acquaintd [p. [2]] with you— They are both very friendly & I think are only waiting for a little “troubling of the waters” to cause them to obey the Gospel.
Please Remember [me] & my wife to your good — and all enquiring friends
Yours with sincere affection
P. S. Report says that a number of waggons passed hear from on their way to for Arms.
From the best information I can obtain I suppose it to be nothing m[ore] than an order for Arms for some independent company. It would seem from circumstances that some of the Carthaginian party men beginning to loathe their own conduct.
Should there a time come when you should deem Powder necessary for the preservation of the saints please inform me of the fact— if you have not a supply in .
Yours &c Truly
.— [p. [3]]
<​Paid​> <​PAID​> <​10​>
Joseph Smith Esq.
Feby 7 1844
Feb 7. 1844
to Joseph Smith [p. [4]]


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