Letter from Luther Hickok, 6 June 1844

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Illinois June 6th 1844
Gn.— Joseph Smith,
I arrived at this place on yesterday safe and sound in Company with , who is in good health, and wishes to be remembred to you & all his friends—
I have just learne’d that. the individual who figure’d so large at this is about to present the case, or his case before the Grand jury at this place, this is to inform you of the fact that you may take the necessary precaution or do what you think advisable in the case. From what I can gather you are all to be indicted who were present in the case according to the Law of the City of
I remain a friend to humanity, “equal rights” and justice to all mankind
P.S. I have just learned that Elder Wright is in this place and shall put this in his hands, thinking that he may act with more efficienty than the mail—
I am &c
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Per Mr. Wright
City of
Hancock Co.
June 6. 1844
to Joseph Smith [p. [4]]


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    Docket in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.