Letter from Myron Higley and Others, circa 16 September 1842

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At Special Conference of the Boonville Branch of. the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints convened according to previous notice at the house of in the Town of Greg on the 12th of Jany 1842 to transact business relative to the Church of Jesus Christ.
Present Elders , , , & , together with other Brethren & sisters. The Conference was organized by appointing Elder President of said Conference which was then opened by singing, & a prayer by the
The Pesedent [president] of the Branch, Elder , prefered a Charge against Sister Nancy Chase for taking things from the pockets of others that did not belong to her, and said in support of the Charge, that he had lost half a dollar out of his pocket at two different times during the night when he Slept at the house of . Teacher stated that he had lost a five dollar Bill from his pocket during the a night that he slept at ’s, & that a person came out of the room where Brother & Sister Chase slept, & examined the clothes of , (who slept with him) & returned, & came out again after a while, & examined his clothes, & while handling his clothes, his knife fell from the pocket onto the floor, which he picked up in the morning. Elder stated that he had lost a three dollar Bill from his pocket in the night when he slept at ’s & that some time in the night, there being a bright fire light, he saw Sister Chase have his pantaloons in her hand from the pocket of which the bill was taken, & that she was taking her hand from the pocket at the time he saw her Sister Chase being called on for her defence, said, that she had no knowledge or recollection of the transactions which were alleged against her, although she might have taken the things without knowing it, & that she did not believe that the Brethren would lie about her, & She hoped they would forgive her, & she would refund the money <​if she was ever able​> Elder stated that he had on several occasions known sister Chase to be so far deranged as [p. [1]] to deprive her of all knowledge of her own conduct. after discusing the foregoing allegations & the circumstances attending the transaction of the same, it was moved by the President & Seconded by Sister Cynthia Burr that the acknowledgement offered by Sister Chase be accepted by the Conference & that she be forgiven. Carried
After the above proceedings of the Conference some of the Brethren & sisters became dissatisfied with their own decision of the foregoing case, from the consideration that it was decided according to the advice of Elder , instead of being decided according to the evidence ( having at the time advised the Conference to forgive Sister Chase & said it was their duty to do so. In conseqence of the aforesaid dissatisfaction the Case was reported at the Conference held in Utica in June 1842 & the Conference ordered that the Branch should institute a new trial in the case of Sister Chase. agreeable to the above order a Conference of the branch was convend agreeable to notice on the 2d of July 1842 at the house of in Leyden, & was opened by singing & a prayer by the .
A request in writing was presented to the Branch from Brother & Sister Nancy Chase that she Sister Nancy Chase might be cut off from the Church, by the Brethren & Sisters withdrawing the hand of fellowship from her. the request was signed by & Sister Chase. After a few remarks by the in opposition to granting the request of & Sister Chase. It was moved by teacher & seconded by Brother Russel Cornwell that Sister Nancy Chase have a trial for the charges <​that were​> alleged against her. which were then prefered against her by teacher in the following words (viz) Whereas certain Individuals have lost money at the house of Brother and whereas you, Sister Nancy Chase are suspected as being the person who took said money. Therefore we do hereby request you to appear at the house [p. [2]] of Brother in Leyden on Saturday the 2d July next at 2 oclock P. M. to clear yourself from said suspicions, as there will be a council of Elders called for that purpose by the direction of the Genl Conference held at Utica on the 11th Instant Leyden 27th June 1842. Clerk
A Copy of the foregoing having been given to Sister N Chase & the regular steps of disipline having been taken with her by the & according to the requirements of the Gospel as laid down in the 18th Chapt of Matthew And as no person appeared to vindicate the Character of Sister Chase, the Conference proceeded with the trial. and the evidence in the case being the same as that which was given on the trial in Jany & which is written in the forepart of this Sheet. and as there was no one to speak for Sister Chase, it was moved by & seconded by that the Charges against Sister Nancy Chase are Sustained. Carried Moved by & seconded by that Sister Nancy Chase be excluded from the Church. Carrie[d]
To Joseph Smith President of the Church of Jesus Christ [of Latter Day Saints]
Dear Brother. As & Sister Chase are dissatisfied with the decision of the Last Conference in her case, and they having requested that an account of the proceedings be sent to you, & that you be requested to enquire of the Lord what shall be done in her case, & as <​there are​> some others in the Branch are not entirely satisfied we chearfully grant the request of & Sister Chase, & unite in requesting you <​to​> lay the case before the Lord, & write us the answer, as thus saith the Lord will fully satisfy every mind.
Respectfully Yours in the bonds of the new)
and everlasting Covenant)
P. S.
Please write by mail as soon as possible & direct to
Port Leyden Lewis Co N.Y. for Collinsville Post office [p. [3]]
As it is reported here in the papers that Brother Joseph is not to be found, we direct to , who will please excuse the liberty taken, & attend to our request if Brother Joseph is absent.
<​PAID​> <​PAID​> <​Paid 25​>
<​Collinsville N. Y.​>
<​Sept 16 42​>
Hancock Co
1 Sheet [p. [4]]


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