Letter from Nathan B. Haswell, circa 29 January 1844

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Dr Sir
[P]resumming the notice I have caused to be published respecting your self and will be acceptable, I have by the present mail enclosed you a Burlington pap[er] containing a hasty sketch of the short visit I made in November last. I regret that I lost the Tract, which the gave me containing the Mormon faith, but some one took it from me as I passed up the Ohio.— please present my respects to him and request him to send me one by mail please also present my kind regards to your good . Brother , and the friends I was introduced to.
I have been expecting to hear from you respecting the land of which I left a memorandum and you will oblige me much if you let me hear from you. I ought to save a part of it. and I have indulged the belief that you would continue some way to aid me in getting possession or getting a Tax title,— can you not persuade the person who is on one of the lots to take a lease under me for one or both lots.— you will recollect they are the South East and South West Quarters of Section three, in Township Six North in Range Eight West [p. [1]]
[1 line illegible]
◊◊◊◊n for ◊◊◊◊◊ion, [3 words illegible] [li]beral offer I wou[ld] part with [2 words illegible] give [illegible] claim Deed. A short time previous [t]o my [visit]ing , I received a letter from a Mr [Ethan] Kimball of this who said his <​in ​> was desirous of getting hold of the [Pa]tents,— if he lives in he mi[g]ht be applied to and I will thank you after receipt of this if you or your friends will give some attention to this matter, and let me hear from you
Very Respectfully Your obt Srvt
Nathan B Haswell [p. [2]]
JAN 29
Gen Joseph Smith
Ansd. Feby 29——


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    Postage in unidentified handwriting.  

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    Circular postmark stamped in red ink.  

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    Endorsement in handwriting of William Clayton.