Letter from Oliver Olney, 31 October 1842

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Citty of Oct 31st 1842
To Presidant Joseph Smith
It is with no ordinary feelings that I address you at this time in writing
But as I have a leisure moment I improve it in writing you a few lines That you may know my mind at this time
I will say that I am differantly situated from what I was one year or Eighteen months ago I was then in trouble because of many things my mind was unsetled In doings As I se[e] much adoings I often felt to mourn lest I should make mismoves I look at my self and at the Church Also the order of God And I se[e] their must be a Union amongst those that covenant to do his will
I looked at my own weakness and unworthine[ss] That we must say is the common lot of all That has from choise taken a probation I looked to my superiors for Instructions and was entirely willing to be governed by them Untill I found them to be against me that I se[e] no sympathy of feeling to wards me But a feeling to tred me underfoot
That never was my name it I never bore neither is it required of any man But many submit to it
My wrights is what I claim and must have Without takeing the wrights of others I look at your wrights and the work you have don[e] and say its of great worth to bring a bout the purposes of God
I look at many as well as your self that must in the due time of the Lord have something to do That no one can say all rests on me [p. [1]]
That I am all But many move in accordance As is directed by the wisdom and Council of God I look at my self and the Connection that I formerly had with the Church of Latter D[ay] Saints I claim no standing with them Alth[ough] my mind is the same as was when I moved with them in accordance I have my reasons for doing as I have don[e] As I feel that I have ben shamfully abused by many I will say I have herd but a little from you But hardly a word from you has set schores [scores] a barking That I have suffered from the yelping of a dirty mess of pettish pups That I do not feel in duty bound to bear But I have bourne it untill I will not do it much longer I will defend myself in a manly way Threw the medium of the press as from your hand in that way I have sufferd by being published to the fore quarters of the Earth
I am not Ignorant of things that have transpired look back at the daims such as Laciveousness for All—and many doings That is abominable The Heathen would blush at it That is now supposed to be savored up But the most of it is pend to be published That will speak of doings that has ben To many in the dark [8 lines blank] [p. [2]]