Letter from Osee Welch, 25 October 1843

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October 25. "43
Joseph Smith
Pardon me for adressing you this note, But if consistant, I would like to know from you, the history of , the reasons why he left your order &c, I have had some connection with him in which I think he intends to deceive me, and cover up his wickedness with the Sacredotal robe which he has assumed, (He is now a Baptist Minister) He has written and said many things prejudicial to your order as you well know, See his letter to & others
I am well aware that his conduct while with you, was not the most honorable from his own stories, and that there are other causes for his leaving, other than those he states, “being deluded,” I believe to[o] if he was deluded it was his own hypocracy that deluded him——
I would like to have you write me and give as full a relation of his character and doings as you may deem prudent, and what ever you may say if confidential as a man, (or on the square as a Mason) will be as sacred in my breast as your own”. Yet I would like to be at liberty to use as much of his history as you will allow please write me as soon as convenient
Yours Respectfully, Osee Welch
<​I have taken more liberty in writing, you, having been well informed that you are a member of the Fraternity of mason——​> [p. [1]][page [2] blank] [p. [2]][page [3] blank] [p. [3]]
Joseph Smith Esqr
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