Letter from Parley P. Pratt, 24 October 1841

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, Oct, 24th <​1841​>
Pres’t J. Smith,
Dear Br, I have just Recd. several letters from , togather with the times and Seasons up to Sept, 15th being 1 month and 9 days on the passage. The information from that quarter cheers our hearts in regard to the peace and prosperity of Zion. We had previously herd of the Death of Gen, and Colonel ; Which filled our minds with sorrow, not for our them, but for those who still live to feel their loss. , I had known for Eleven years, and I never knew him to turn to the right or left from the path of Jesus, or the Duties of his holy profesion. was baptised by me in Toronto 5 years ago; and a more humble, and constant, and Charitable friend of Zion, I never knew, or one who grew faster in knowledge and usefulness. But they are Gone— and it must be for some wise purpose— and the Lords will be done!
On the 20 of Sept, the Ship “Tyrean” sailed from for , under a charter of the Latterday saints; S[h]e had upwards of two hundred on board, with Elder at their head. By chartering, we saved the company at least 500 or 600 dollars.— The Splendid New Ship Chaos, 1200 tons Burthen, will sail on the 5th November, under our charter. She will have [p. [1]] from one to two hundred Saints on board, with Patriarch Peter Melling at their head.
The Saints in this country are generally Rejoicing, and filled with the testimony of Jesus. Great zeal is manifested by the officers in general, of which there is probibly more than one thousand. we are increasing in Numbers and in Gifts and blessings. New Branches of the Church are rising in many places, and great additions made to the old ones. and vicinity has poured forth a stream of emigration for the last 18 months, and still we numbered on at our Conference, two weeks ago, near sixteen hundred members, in between one and two hundred officers; all these with<​in​> one hours journey of . There has been a general time of pruning, we have cut off upwards of 100 members from this Conferene in a few months; this causes the young and tender Branches to grow with double vigour.— I now come to the principal subject for which I write this letter, viz. the !
The Lord enabled us to send about sixty dollars in Gold by ; this was mostly subscribed by two or three individuals. We shall probibly send as much more by the Ship Chaos, in care of Peter Melling. [p. [2]]
You are hereby authorised to say to the Building Committee, that I subscribe five hundred dollars for the , including what I have already sent, all to be paid in installments between this and next fall; which they may safely depend on if the Lord prospers me. Br will go hand in hand with me; so that between us. we hope to send one thousand dollars in the course of the season, be sides some little from the Churches.
Say to the Building Committe, and to the saints in general, for me; “Let not your hands be slack, nor your hearts fe[e]ble; but drive the ahead in the name of the Lord god of Israel; for thus the Spirit whispers in my heart, they shall not lack, nor be left in embarasment.”— I would suggest the Idea of using Le<​a​>d for the Roofs of the and all other pirmanent buildings; I think it will be found more durable, more conv[en]ient; and cheeper than timber, and will perhaps save whole blocks from being consumed by fire.
The Roofs should be nearly flat, or a little ulling like the deck of a vessel and should be covered with Led, Rolled in Sheets two feet wide, any length that is convenient and burned togather into one solled [solid] mass; about the eighth of an inch thick. [p. [3]] Br Scofield and others who have gone from this country know how it is done. give my love to all Enquiring friends, and pray for me, that I may have wisdom to go in and out among this people, Who have become a great people. I long to see the time when I can stand once more among the saints in the Land of Zion. I hope to be there next summer or summer after.
My Self, , four children and the Americans in this Country are generally well. My Joins me in love to all the Saints in the Land of Zion. or the Land of Joseph, as it is called by thousands in this country.
I Remain yours in the Bonds of Everlasting Freedom.
Pres’t Joseph Smith
<​ Pa. | DEC | 23​>
Mr Joseph Smith
, Illinois
United States.
Oct 24th 1842 [1841]
. [p. [4]]