Letter from Reuben Hedlock, 4 October 1843

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Oct 4th. 1843
To the first Presidency & Quorum of the twelve Apostles Greeting Dear & much E[s]teemed Breatheren I hasten to informe you of my arival in on the the <​30​> day of Sept in Company with Elders John Cairns and Wife James houston and Wm. G. Jerman [Jarman] We Left 6 of the twelve in the city of the 2nd. day of Sept and came on Bord of the Ship Columbus our pasage money was five Dollars we had a very hard passage we were very much Crowded in the Stearage, there was 236 persons Dutch Irish English and Sco[t]ch and as dirty as any I ever Saw We were not much Sick the weather was cold had it been otherwise we should have Sufered more, there is a steamer Leaves for to day and I thought I would announce to you my arival by this opertunity and Such information as I was in persession [possession] of, there is a Ship to Sail on the 14 inst by which I shall write you again
I found Elders and in and they were well and as far as I was informed by them that the church is in general a good state and on the increase, it numbers some where between Eight and nine thousand members there is a great want of Laborers in the winyard there has many of the first Elders Left this for Leaving their places Vacant I persented to the presidency hear the your dessission [decision] of Relative to the printing of Elders and they Receved it and manifested a desier to abide By it. [p. [1]] Wept <​when​> I showed him your Desission concerning him and is coming to by the first Ship to see you face to face the Breatheren say hear that he has been to[o] hasty in some things and has given some an offence but I have Do not as yet <​know​> any <​thing​> derogatory to his caricture [character] that I could say aught against him I Shall Whrite you all the particulors as fast as I come in posession of them as it Regards the printing in this land We shall stop it after the next number is published, in it we wish to publish the nuse [news] from for the benefit <​of the Saints​> and to anounce our arival in this .
Premit me hear to give you men <​my​> opinion as it Regards the printing in this land and I <​will​> Chearfuly abide your advise notwithstanding, the Star [3 words illegible] <​after we Stop the Star​> We shall have during the Shiping season to advertise and give general information in the Emigration Buisness to the Saints Scatered abroad, I think it would be Best to Republish the times and Seasons for the Benefit of the Church, the Duties on <​on Books​> are £2. 10.sh per hundred Weight and there is now 16,00 Stars circulated hear at the present and the Demand for our publications are on the increase the Duties would almost reprint the times and Season and then we could do our advertising on the last page and and if though advisable we could afford it as cheap as the presant star and Pay you somthing for the priveledg[e] of the pu[b]lishing as well as to pay it to the Crown I have not yet learned the amount of funds Rema[in]ing hear subject to your order I have not [p. [2]] had much time as yet to Enquoire in to those maters in consequence of the mulitued [multitude] of Buisnes in unl[o]ading our freight from Ship Bord
The Breatheren that come with me wish me to say to those Whoom it may concern that they are well and will in a few days leave for their fields of Labor I shall write to you once a mo[n]th, no preventing Providenc, and should B[e] glad to have you write to me as often and give me your advise and Council Relating to those things you in your wisdom m[a]y think Benefisal to the Saints and Emigration in this land I wish would forword to me the amount of the numbers that will make the Volume of the times and Season Complet by the first opertunity by so Doing I Can Sell the 200 Vollumes to advantage I will try to forward to him what I can of obtain for the times & Season all redy hear if it should be thought wisdom to Repr[int] the times and Seasons hear I wish would Be particular to Lend so that we could obtain them if posable I am informed by that they have not Recevd any inteligenc <​from you​> since last Febuary I wish you would write me your mind on the things <​Concerning​> the Printing immedeatly on the Recept of this Sheet. So that our communication with the Saints in may not be stop[p]ed long
I am as ever your humble Servent in the Bonds of the
to the first presidency & Quorum of the twelve apostles— [p. [3]]
Hancock Co
U, S, A,
<​ OCT 1​>
<​1/-​> <​27​>
<​PAID AT OCT 1843​>
<​Hibernia​> [p. [4]]


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