Letter from Reuben McBride, 28 February 1844

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Feb 28th 1844
President J. Smith
Dear Brother
I will now inform you respecting affairs here your letter to stured up his rath and indignation against you and the Church he went to with Lyman Cowdery and stured them up and got them to Leavy an on the farm with the Sheriff from they Levyed on the house and Lot where formerly lived another on the same side the Road of also on the house and Lot where Br. used to live on Br. house and Lot also on a thirteen Acres of Land lying up the hollow to the right hand of the Road as you <​go​> up the hill toards Saml. Canfields or west of that road being part of that his farm Deeded by Saml. Canfield to Joseph Smith Jr says it so stands on Record he thinks it they will hold that anny how it was prised [priced] at $4, per acre if it has been Deeded to anny other one by you it must <​be​> shown or give such advis [advice] as you think best the farm was prised at $1800 so I am informed for I was not at home at the time it was apraised this Judgment was obtained in favor of Kelley I think was the name Br. [Christopher] Bond was Special Bail he feels some uneasy about it Amt. of Judg $3,00<​0​> Osbon says he will take property at 50 cent on the Dollar or 50 <​cts on the Dollar in property​> Said he did not know but he should come to to see about it they say that they are determined to carry it through and try the title if they have to go to the Cort in bank— will asist them all he can and if possible hold posession till they can sell <​and​> so keep him in posession still he was put in posession of the house and Lot by Dan[ie]l Carter he gave him a lease and I am instructed by Hitchcock & Wilder to get that lease immediately we want it back here by the 1st day of A[p]ril so as to get him out of the house before they can give him posession [p. [1]] if Danl Carter has not got anny lease see if there was anny except the one given to or if he has a copy send that do not delay one moment I shall take Moove in to the house myself if I can till the storm is over I think it will be best I shall not delay on my part in geting out of the house and off the farm in your letter to him you Called it your farm they make conciderable handle of that expression, they pretend has recvd. his pay for the farm and that it is your individual property Mr Osbon thinks it will depend on testimony a great deal wheather they hold it or not says if you have got a Deed of the Mummies executed by him it is a forged one for he never gave you anny your house where you used to live was forfeited to the and Sold I talked with he thought it was not lawfull I think so too but I thought it would be better to pay $5, than to pay moore <​runn anny risk​> they are trying to get posession will tell you the situation of it it being in Johnsons hands I had nothing to do with it I recvd through the favor of a power of Atorney from Miss Vose of to take care of and rent her house and pay it <​the rent​> to you the house is very much out of repair I sent a note by to <​you​> against and & Cowdery or swore out an and Levyed on s. Place Cowdery being in posession of the place and doing the business for I setled it with by letting him have the old Bank house it was going to destruction, and save Mr s. by the means so I sent the note to you and you can do with it as you I think proper wheather I done right or rong in that I leave with you I hired the money to pay the tax on the farm and suceeded in getting the money of to replace it about the time he recvd your letter If I had not got it just as I did I should not probably have got it at tall wheather I shall be able to Collect the back rent or not is very uncertain but I will do the best I can [p. 2]
I have now laid before you the affairs as they are in as near as I can
Respecting those farms in Oswego N,Y Reeds [Alonzo Reed’s] Heringtons [Jonathan Harrington’s] and Owens [Abel Owen’s] Just after I wrote to you for a Copy of your appointment as Trustee in Trust Mr Reed the son of the old man Came here he informed me that he had the Notes that gave Mr Herington and that had sold the farm it being Deeded to him by his before he Died as the Church had not paid for it as I suposed they had and it had gone out of the hands of the Grangers <​into a third persons hands​> I did not see much chance to do anny thing about it as to the Owen place there was a Deed left with Hitchcock and Wilder I think it was to pay about $15,00 told me he thought it was a lean [lien] and has wrote to for them to inforce that lean as advised them to do so he said he did not know as they would think it worth going into that expence for as the was verry expensive in that the place is worth probably some $3,00, $350, at presant there is no one to controll it if they do nothing about it had better be seen to you can see Mr Owen and Mr Herington or Reed as they are all there and advise me acordingly.
Now in all this I Shall rely on your instructions if carryed on it will cost money and time and if I do not collect anny if I had <​better​> hire Some: the Lawyers will not do much unless they have some Money or what had I better do I wish if you can convienantly send me the Times and seasons as I have not at presant the money that I can send if you can and not Disc[om]mode your Self. I Recd. your last letter with great satisfaction the kind spirit which it breathed rejoiced my heart May the time Soon come <​when​> you may [p. [3]] Stand in that Exalted station in which the God of Heaven designes for you to stand in and we as a people or Church have a name with equal rights and privileges among the Nations of the Earth Prosperity to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints and an eternal warefare against the powers of Darkness till the contes[t] is ended I close for the presant
Yours in the bonds of the New and Everlasting Covenant
Rev. Joseph Smith
Hancock Co.
<​Paid 25​>
March 1) >
Feby 28. 1844
Feb 28. 1844
to Joseph Smith [p. [4]]


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