Letter from Reuben McBride, 3 January 1842

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Jany 3d 1842
President Joseph Smith
Dear Brother after a Journey of 14 days from I arived in in good health and found my family enjoying the same blessing but all in confusion <​in​> accasioned by what rote in the paper and by the proceedings with and there was a great deal of jealousy against me thinking I was the means of all of it. I have opposition enough I asure you but I mean to take a stedy course let the consequences be what they ma[y] I Saw and there was so much difference between us more than I expected that I did not feel authorised to do any thing about it till I had advise from you this is the way his Ac[count] Stands against you J Smith Dr [debit] to makeing four Deeds $28 Andersons Andrews & Cowdrys [Lyman Cowdery’s] Cost $75 Motion of cort to discrarge Judgment $3 Sheriffs fee for selling $16 Judgment which he had [assig]ned over to him By Bald Spencer and Hufty $1868,58
Which amounts to $1990.58
J Smith Cr. By Land 1300 Amt. of Cr.
$1100,00 by Cash paid by $690–58
$200,00 this is the way his acount Stands he Clames Six hundred and ninety Dollars fifty eight cents then he will Deed back your house and Lot to the amount of the Saddle and bridel which he says is $30— he endorsed on a judgment against you in favor of Stanard he says he has got Demands against you of about $1400 Dollars he says he went authorised by and he was to have Doollar for Dollar for all the Demands he took up[.] I talked with about his proseedings he says it can be taken from him if by fileing a bill in Chancery unless he should sell it to another person and he being an innocent holder not knoweing the circumstances he talked with me of Selling it he said he should be oblieged to before long or his creditors would put on to it— he go up there he thinks in the latter part of winter he says you and he can Settle [p. [1]] better than any boddy else he dose not rail out much he feels uneasy he says he can do nothing in the situation he is in now in the Church, whether he means to come there and setle with you or not I do not know he preaches once in a while he has one or two appointments out rount then they say he is a going quit All parties in would be glad to see you here in the Spring there would be no danger excepting debts Perkins & Osborn has the greatest Demands against you says he would not trouble you but you will know better than I could advise you I s[h]ould be very glad indeed my self, Br More would not except [accept] the order you gave me he says you had his Hous and lot which rented for $40, and that there was a years rent due he is not calcu[l]ating to go to He has nearly as quite denied the faith I had a note against him in favor of he would do nothing about it I sued him he then prefered a charge against me before the Bishop here Now I want to no [know] if a brother refuses to pay a note of hand if I have got to be brought before the authorities of the Church for Collecting it or must I take him before the authorities here in the C[hurc]h I had very hard work to get the money to pay the tax I asure you I run allmost night and Day for one week, I got the money by the way of Br Christopher Dixon I had the Land bid off for Br Dixon it was bid Down to 2 acres So he has 2 acres for securities security I thought that would be [page torn] best way it only made ten cents mor that was for [page torn] a certificate the amount of the tax was $33–91 tin [ten] cts ad[page torn] makes $34.01 he wants the money in the spring I shall have to depend on you for it for I know of no way to get it here the Books I sent By br Woodard he never sold one he said money was so scarce he come as far as Mt Vernon his horse ran away and broke his Waggon all to pieces but did not Damage the Books he had to leave them it is 100 miles from here has got a quantity of Hymn Books he got in , so there is not much prospect of selling manny at presant here has sold out his Store of Goods he claims the rent of the Store as it Stood in on your Lot when it was prisid it now stands a little south of s h[o]use on the oposite side of the Road
there has been 2 Executions livyed on your farm here one in favor of &c in the hands of Mathews of he says he will take it in land or he must have it secured the man who had something to do with it was at I think his name was Devenport[.] Mathews says he will not throw of[f] any thing the Judgment Stands against you and Amount $953,21
the other was levied by Perkins & osborn in favor of Some of the criditors[.] thinks the demands he has might be paid in Lands at 50 cents on the Dollar [p. [2]] Lands here or in the east so it will be nessessary for to do something if imediately I talked with he thought they could not sell the farm but they are calculating to prove there was a fraud in it advised me to let them sell it and then Defend it you must write imediately and let me know what to do, as soon as cort sits th<​e​>y then will get a right to sell it it was prised at $16 an acre cort will set in March or april, y the farm of Jonathan Herington [Harrington] you wanted I should find out about[.] there was arangmints made between and of for to turn out this farm with two others viz Alonzo Reeds farm at $2100,00 and Abel Owens at $700,00 Heringtons at $1000,00 to Hitchcock and Son in Hitchcock rote to to know if they wood except of them in the way they had agreed at the same time advising them to do so no doubt but what they would have done so he but one of the men had gone to Europe and the other had gone or sick and before he could get an answer sent some notes to that had signed and atached those three farms as his property I understand he Deeded them to his son but says the atachment was put on before the Deeds was put on record but how that is I do not know s Dying all proseedings stop[p]ed and there can be no more done till an administrator apointed that is the situation of those farms as I have learned Abel Owen lives here his farm was his all[.] he is a man that is not able to work he cannot get to the west his family is in a suffering condition they have to be helped[.] he has some notion to [page torn] a bill in chancery and try to get his Land back but h[page torn] and it will cost conciderable if he should get it [page torn] if you have any advise to give or a word of consola[page torn] it might perhaps do him some good
Write and give <​me​> all the information you can tell me [page torn] to Do and what to do it with and I will do the best [I] can you must uphold me for I have a great opposition if you have any thing sp[i]ritual that would be fror my good it will be thankfully received I hope the Lord may bless you and deliver you from all your Enemies I do not think of any thing more at present I will Write as often as I find anny thing worth writing about
Yours in the bonds of the Everlasting Covenant
Br. I went and saw Br More he had bought him a house and four acres of Land he said all the money he had was 70 Lbs and out of that he had paid his fare to but when he got to he was persuaded to come here he says he has written you a long letter by and wants you to sell his property and take your pay and pay Br and if it lacks any thing he will pay the balance he says he gave you $170, for the carriage and sold it again $17,00 he thinks you took the advantage of his ignorance is his counciler I thought I would do nothing about it till I heard from you if you can git your pay there you had better[.] Since I came here he has sold his house and Land [p. [3]] but I expect there [is] testimony enough to prove he sold it for fear of your debt against him he will do nothing here not willingly he says you can take the property there and get your pay he has a great many to council him and to make him believe you mean to strip him of every thing to fullfil the Prophesy you made concerning him in your Letter to him[.] that Letter has made a great Stir here you may Hope— not they think I am sent to take his property to follfil it
I sued him on a Small note I had in favor of he offers to p[ay] $30, or stand trial it is adjourned till 24 March 1842 on his making oath he wanted Dr Harv[e]y Tate for a witness
I wish you to tell Br about it and tell him the Situation of it If you cannot get your pay there the quicker you let me no [know] the better I will go a head with it just as far as you think best your House and Lot I think can be rented for about $30— or 35 a yr Br Burgess says he does not want it it is larger than he wants he will not want to pay that much for it[.] Mr. Wants to get a house he has no small children he would use it well he wants to Board Students that go to the Seminary to School and school his own children Do with it as you think best
I do not know What would give but I think he would $35 Dollars I think Sister Burges said they did not calculate to live in it another season any how sayed it was altogeather to[o] Larg[e] for their family I thought I would mention it then do as you are a mind Write and let me know about what to do with Br More and all the news there a it makes a great stir here but I Will do whatevr you and Br Joseph thinks best any how let them rage
No more at present
Br Joseph Br Christopher Dixon will take the papers if you are a mind to send them to him and turn 2 Dollars on the money I had of him for the tax also Ira Aviatt will pay $1— for six months if you think best Boath Live in
Sent you a letter with a note [page torn]ast of $550,00 Last Summer Br Hobart Says he wrote the let[ter] inst put the note in it and Directed it to you The last talk I had with he sayed he was calculating to go to the west and he would leave your house with someone that would take good care of it So he Says if you come here in the Spring you shall [have] your house to go into in welcome he says you agreed to come here next Spring he asked me if you was coming I told him I did not know whether you would or not if you was to come you would be received with great Joy by all parties here
<​{Paid 25​>
<​ O. Jan 4th}​>
Mr. Joseph Smith
Hancock Co.
Illinois [p. [4]]


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    Postage in unidentified handwriting; Lyman Cowdery was the postmaster of Kirtland at this time. (U.S. Post Office Department, Record of Appointment of Postmasters, reel 100, vol. 9, p. 211.)  

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    Postmark likely written by Lyman Cowdery. (U.S. Post Office Department, Record of Appointment of Postmasters, reel 100, vol. 9, p. 211.)