Letter from Robert D. and Sarah Phinney Foster, circa 16 August 1842

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Madison Co N. Y
Dearly Beloved
Brother Joseph it is with sensasions of deep Gratitude that I enjoy this priviledge of acquainting you my benefactor and friend with the favourable circumstances by which I am at present sarrounded after a Journey of twenty days I arrived in this my Horses &c as well as could be expected when we consider that they traveled over fifty five miles each day without any intermission. I find my wife & all her friends well and enjoying each others society in that manner that was before desired & anticipated many have been the interrogatones [interrogations] propounded to me respecting yourself family Church &c &c which have all been answered in strict accordance with truth and in many instances has had a good tendency to retard if not entirely arrest the unhallowed influence of s Libels be assured Sir that he has found many votaries but it gives me much pleasure to state that they are mostly birds of the same feather (viz) (Blackbirds) without principle willing to sacrifice all honour and honesty, for the purpose of eliciting blasphemies against the most High and his anointed ones His Career is very short illustrated better by one of your own familiar trite sentances than any of my own thoughts at the present, (viz) its effect upon respectable community is equal to the effe[c]ts of water upon the Goose’s Back, producng no change deeper than its glossy surface like s Borrowed Oratory and deaf tond. far fetchd and borrowed at that— my Wife with me sends her Love to you & family as also all the faithfull hoping still to retain an interest in your Blessings and best wishes— May the unbounded Confiden[c]e of the Saints and the Grace of God through Jesus Christ be and remain yours for Ever is my desire and certain hope as with considerations of Great respect and sincere affection I take the liberty of [p. [1]] subscribing myself & Lady your sincere friends, in the Everlasting Covenant
Sarah [Phinney Foster]. &.
Lieut Genl. Joseph Smith &c
NB I met a family in a near the black Swamp moving to our the Son in Law has been there before and bought a lot for himself of A. Davis & his intentions are to introduce his Father in Law to the same man to all appearan[c]e his name is Green his wife is now at Father Snows house the Old Gentleman is nearly gone with the Consumption and has some 8 or 10 hundrd Dollars besides his teams his wife says she is a Mormon but she is a Devilish noing [knowing?] Hoggish one says she shall look out for No 1 & many such foolish expressions as though we were going to strip her as soon as they arrived— however the old Gent is a worthy man knows him they will probably not come near you if the old woman has her way— but Sir the Old Gent wants to put 400 in the and he will be subject to your Council with all he has if he can get at you— his name is [Joseph] Murdock you had ought to see him on his arrival as he is desirous of seeing you not so with the others if you have any thing for me to do here direct as above as I cant get away Quite as soon as I thought for
I am Respectfully Yours
Joseph Smith Mayor
July [August] 16th. 1842 [p. [2]]
<​ N.Y. AUG 17​>
<​PAID​> <​25​>
Leunt. Genl. Joseph Smith
Illinois [p. [3]]


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