Letter from Samuel McClanathan, likely between 20 June 1842 and 20 June 1844

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20 June inst
I am not out on the buisness of hunting city plots &c But hapend to come to Mr Frentress to see a natural sister of mine Mr Frentress wants to sell and Mr Mattor also one is going into the other into or calculate to if they should sell I think this place would be a pleasant pac [place?] and conv[en]ient to the mines not behind for convenience of any of the mining towns. I did not know but what you mite think it weell to make a settle<​ment​> here all guess work yankees you know are full of their projects. If you come up to take a look you will be kindly treated call on Mr Frentress 3½ miles from Dubuque land at Dubuque above I did not know but many of the English brethren and Irish would like to work at mining being use to that buisness in the old country I also thought that factories for manufactoring red and white lead for painti[n]g might be established here perhaps or somewhere else this is the only place in the region of the mining country on the and if the saints want such a place the prophet will doubtless know if he is a yankee
Your <​x​> is some little aquainted with me I received under his hands my Patriarchal Bleig [patriarchal blessing] not long ago
Samuel M’Clanathan [McClanathan]
This is generaly considerd as a pleasant place for a town I should say a 2nd to
By request I [illegible] <​write​> this line thinking if you thoght <​shoul[d] think​> it best to establish a town here it would be a pleasant place convenient to the mines
NB If you conclude to come send word when you think you can come and Mr Frentress will be her[e] to give you further information
<​write to Jo Davi[es]s Co &c​>
<NB. Land at Dubuque if you come up
3½ from Frentress
see road> [p. [1]]
[Section 1
Iowa city
This plot is in this 3 or abou[t] <​4 miles​> from the territory line
Road to Iowa city
Road to Belview [Bellevue]
[Section 2]
Going an[d] coming into the lake about a half mile from the main channel of A good chance for a wood yard as any other place &c
Catfish creek
[Section 3]
Fever River Led mines
Led mines
[Section 4]
Be[a]utiful Bluff
Situation for a ferry
200 acres wood land
Lake clear as the fish in in it
not for sale
good steam boat harbour
about 640 acres on in this bench dry
For Sale Farm houses log very good hewd
Road from to Dubuke [Dubuque]
3 miles to Dubuque
11 miles to
Menomonie [Menomonee] River
Fair Play
5 miles to fair play
Led mines
20 miles to Pl[atte]ville
Platt river
[Section 5]
Led mines
The little lake will doubtless be a fine place for steame boats through the winter The bench is from 10 to 15 feet above the present stage of water ie of land
You can come to Dubuque that is if you think best to come and take a look I think this a pleasant situation and mor pleasant than s and a better place for steam boats to receive frate &c Steam boats can run into the Lake by the outlet and find good landings outlet principaly deep and about from 60 to 80 r◊◊◊ <​yds.​> in width [p. [2]]
<​ ILLS. JUN 27​>
Mr. Joseph Smith
Hancock Co
Plot of Land near
McClenachan [p. [3]]


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    Docket in the handwriting of William Clayton.