Letter from Sidney Rigdon, 1 July 1842

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Prsd. J Smith
Post Office Ill
July 1st 1842
Dear Brother
I write this in the greatest confidence to yourself and for your own eye and none other, and so let it be and know assuredly that I will not have a quarrel or any dispute with you nor <​you​> must not have with me for in the name of the holy one of Israel I am your friend and not your enemy, as I am affraid you suppose. I want you to take your horse and carriage on tomorrow and take a ride with me out in to the Prairie, your brother can be along, that alone we may settle forever all difficulties, and be again at everlasting peace. I want to go alone with only with us. In this I think you will gratify me, do so for I deeply desire it and fail not, say not a word to any person living but to only, and no man shall know it from me
Yours as ever
Prsd. J Smith [20 lines blank] [p. [1]]
Presd. Joseph Smith
Present in haste [p. [2]]