Letter from Sybella McMinn Armstrong and Orrin Porter Rockwell, 1 December 1842

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Dec 1st. 1842
Dear Brother Joseph Smith
I am requested by our friend — to drop a few lines informing you that he is in this place, his Health is Good— but his Spirits are depressed caused by his being unable to obtain employment of any kind— he has appyed [applied] in different parts of the and County— but all with-out success— as Farmers can get persons to work from sunrise till dark— for merly what they eat— he is most anxious to hear from you— and wishes you to see his Mother and Children— and write all the particulars how matters and things are— and what the prospects are— I pity him from the Bottom of my Heart— his lot in life seems marked with sorrow Bitterness and care— he is a Noble Generous friend— but you know his worth! any com[m]ents from me would be surpurfous [superfluous]. he will wait in this place until he hears from you— please write imediately— [p. [1]] as ’twill be a source of gre[a]t comf[o]rt to him— to hear— if Joseph is not at Home will be kind enough to wr[i]te— he says every other one he has come across has been afraid of th[e]ir shadow, but— he marks them well— he comes to see me every day— and I keep him a close Prisoner! but he does not complain of my cruelty— or being Hard Hearted— but when with me seems resigned to whatevr force fate— and punishment I may see proper to inflict— I often have to scold him for getting Low-spirited— and saying dont-isms— but he takes it in Good part—
I will write no more answer this as— soon as receict— and relieve your frinds [friend’s] spir[i]t—
Yours Truly
Please Direct 409 Arch Street excuse this hastly wr[i]tten epistle—
Yours — [5 lines blank] [p. [2]]
[page [3] blank]
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<​ Pa. DEC 2​>
Hancock County
Dec 1— 1842
Decr. 1— 1842
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    Postage in unidentified handwriting.  

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    Docket in handwriting of Willard Richards.  

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    Docket in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.