Letter from Thomas Carlin, 27 July 1842

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July 27th 1842
Dear Sir
Your Communication of the 25th instant, together the petitions of the Citizens of the City of , both male and female, were delivered to me last evening by Brevet Major General . Also a report of Esqr Secty, of the Nauvoo Legion, of the proceedings of a Court Martial of Brevet Major General, had upon Charges had prefered against Major Genl. upon which trial the Court found the defendant guilty and sentenced him to be Cashiered.
All of which have been Considered.
In reply to your expressed apprehensions of “the possibility of an attack, upon the peaceable Inhabitants of the City of and vicinity, through the intrigues and false representations of and others” and your request that I would issue official orders to you, to have the Nauvoo Legion in readiness, to be called out at a moments warning in defence of the peaceable Citizens &c. I must say that I Can not conceive of the least probability, or scarcely possibility, of an attack of violence upon the Citizens of from any quarter whatever— and as utterly impossible that such attack is contemplated by any sufficient number of [p. [1]] persons to excite the least apprehensions of danger or injury, and whilst I should consider it my imptive imperative duty to promptly take measures, to suppress and repel, any invasion by violence, of the peoples rights, I nevertheless think that it is not my province to interpose my official authority gratuitously where no such exigency exists.
From the late disclosures, as made by it is not strange, that <​the​> apprehensions of the Citizens of are excited, but so far as I can learn, from the expression of public opinion the excitement is confined to the Mormons them selves, and only extends to the community at large as a matter of curiosity, and wonder.
very respectfully your obt. servt.
Genl. Joseph Smith jr. [10 lines blank] [p. [2]]
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General Joseph Smith
City of , [p. [4]]