Letter from Thomas Shaw, 21 April 1835

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To the Saints of the Most High
Dear Brethren in the Lord,
At a council of the pastors of our churches held Mar. 28— 1835. upon the propriety of the Rev John Hewitt visiting you— it was resolved & approved that as he had an anxious desire to go to to see the things that are spoken of in one of you[r] papers, brot here by a Merchant from , he should have as he desired the sanction of the council & if it pleas’d the Lord his approval.
The Lord hath seen our joy & gladness to hear that He was raising up a people for himself in that part of the New World as well as here. O may our faith increase that he may have Evangelists Apostles & prophets fill’d with the power of the spirit & performing his will in destroying the works of darkness.
The Rev. Mr. Hewit was proffr of Mathematics in Rotherm Independent Seminary & four years pastor of Barnsley Independent Church— He commenced preaching the doctrines we taught about two years since & was excommunid— Many of his flock folld him so that eventually he was installd in the same church & the Lord’s work prospered— As he is a living epistle you will have, if all be well, a full explanation. Many will follow should he approve of the country &c. who will help the cause because the Lord hath favoured them with this world’s goods,
We had an utterance during our meeting, which [p. [1]] caused us to sing for joy. The Lord was pleased with our Brothers holy determination to see you & we understood that persecution had been great among you or would be. But we were commanded not to fear for he would be with us. praise the Lord. The time is at hand when distance shall be no barrier between us: but when on the wings of love Jehovah’s messages shall be communicated by his Saints. The Lord bless our Bron & may he prove a blessing to you. Be not afraid of our enemies they shall unless they repent be cast down by the Lord of Hosts. The workers of iniquity have been used by the Prince of Darkness to play the counterfeit but discernment has been given to us that they were immediately put [to] shame by being detected so that the flock never suffd as yet by them—— Grace Mercy & peace be unto you from God our father & from the Spirit. Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen—
I am
Dear Sirs
Your Bron in
the Gospel——
Thomas Shaw
Barnsley April 21st 1835 [p. [2]]
To the Saints of the Most High
North America
Thomas Shaw
April 21st. 1835


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    Docket in handwriting of William W. Phelps.  

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    Docket in handwriting of Thomas Bullock and William W. Phelps.