Letter from Unidentified Author, 23 September 1843

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Ala Septr. 23rd ’43
Reved. Joseph Smith
Having for some months past seen many accounts of the progress and and approval of your New and highly favored New plan of Religion and Salvation I have formed a very favorable opinion both of the princeples It Inculcates and Its founder you by your wisdom and Zeal have won a never fading crown of Immortal glory for you self which will be long applauded and cherished after your departure from this vail of tears
It is true I am a Stranger to you In person If not in feeling. but allowing that to be the case men can be the same in sentiment and feelings and yet be total Strangers to each others person.
I hope you will pardon me for making Respectfully an only request of you that is to do me the favor to write me a few lines and inform me when your new plan of Religion first made Its self <​known​> to you [p. [1]] also the time of the foundation and probable cost of your Magnificient Mormon and Time to consumate Its completion
Also what word of Language the name of your Religion is taken from and what the Word Mormon Implies
My Reason for thus advising you is this I have heard . . . <​&​> Seen so many fales [false] and contradictory reports respecting all these that In order to come at the facts I have ask[ed] this from your own pen when I am certain you Will give me facts that may be fully relied on
one of your preache[r]s pass[ed] through this county last winter I did not See him myself but got a favorable report both of the man and his doctrine here
In the South we are in a measure In darkness respecting both your principles and progress of your and religion [p. [2]]
< ALA SEP 28>
Reved Joseph Smith
The Mormon Prophet
<No signature
Sep 23— 1843> [p. [3]]
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    Postage in unidentified handwriting.  

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    Docket in handwriting of William Clayton.