Letter from Unidentified Author, 26 March 1844

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, Erie Co., Pa.)
March 26th, 1844.)
To Gen. Joseph Smith, of the , and Spiritual Guide of the Latter-Day Saints.
Reverend Sir:—
Having heard that you recently issued an address to the people of the , on the subject of the political evils now oppressing us as a , but not having seen it, I very respectfully beg leave to ask you for a copy of it.
I have understood also that you are a candidate for the office of President of the ; I would respectfully beg leave to ask if the report is true? I have not doubt but it would be a blessing to the if some such a man would come up, whom all parties could support if they would with clean consciences, because you have not been guilty of so many political intrigues as those have, who will undoubtedly be nominated for that distinguished office next May.
Persecutions will always make a man friends, (and the manner you have been abused, comes but little short of persecution in the eyes of your friends, I have no doubt,) and in the event of your running, you will unquestionably receive a large vote in the .
People are beginning to appreciate properly, your services in the cause of religion, and philanthropy.
Many people here have been attached to political party, will not vote any ticket unless your views meet their approbation. On the other candidates they are neutral.
Very humbly, I remain,
Your obedient servant. [p. [3]]