Letter from Wilson Law, 15 August 1842

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City Ill. Augt. 15th. Afternoon 1842
Lieut Gen. J. Smith
My Dr friend
I this morning received a line from you by the young man () respecting the Guns &c. One of them is in the stone Shop by the . One I expect to get put into Mr Ivins’ barn and the other I cannot get under lock and key any place I know of yet; but I will have them taken the best care of that I can.
I have also received from the hand of your Lady your orders at len[g]th respecting matters and things, and I am happy indeed to receive such orders from you, for your views on these subjects are precisely my own. I do respond with my whole heart to every sentiment you have so nobly and so feelingly expressed, and while my heart beats, or this hand which now writes is able to draw and weild a sword you may depend on it being at your service in the glorious cause Liberty and Truth, ready in a moments warning to defends the rights of man both civil and religious. Our common rights and peace is all we ask and we will use every peaceable means in our power to enjoy these, but our rights we must have, peace we must have if we have to fight for them.— There has nothing worthy of notice come to my knowledge to day, the Gentlemen Officers are seemingly very unhappy and out of humor with themselves more than with any body else, they see we have the advantage of them and that the<​y​> can not provoke us to break the law, and I think they know if they do that we will use them up the right way. I guess they see that in our patience we possess our souls, and I know that if they shed or cause to be shed a drop of the blood of one of the least amongst us that the lives of the transgressors shall atone for it with the help of our God.— I send you the ordinance that was passed by the Court Martial on Saturday last for your approval or otherwise as it cannot become a Law without your approbation.
I also send you the returns of the election for Major General, as you ordered the election, you will please order the of the Legion () to send for a Commission.
With the warmest feelings of my heart I remain most respectfully,
P.S. Afternoon 6 o clock
I have just learned that got a letter about noon and got ready immediately and started off as he said for but I think for giving it up for a bad job
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