Letter, John C. Dodds to Lyman Wight, 29 July 1842

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Dresden July 29th 1842
Dear Sir
I wrote to you at Mills Point that I would take Camps paper for my goods as I find it will be impossible for him to set up a successfull plea of insanity and if the trade you made with him for the lots is bonafide the Collection of the notes can be enforced. Camp has wrote back to Jno & Wray to effect a compromise with me which I am willing to do and leave to arbitrators rather than have a tedious law suit although I could enforce the payment for all the goods It would be a long time before I could realize anything and the goods are a well selected stock and cheap— so I will let you have them if you wish. nothing new here the people here are not disposed to give any Confidence to ’s disclosures owing to his notorious Character both as a Christian and a mason.
With Confidnce I subscribe myself your friend and brother
John C. Dodds [p. [1]]
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<​Dresden Te. Jul​> <​29​>
July 29. 1842
John C. Dodd to [p. [4]]


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