Letter, John Whitmer to William W. Phelps, 8 January 1844

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Jan. 8, 1844.
Dear Sir
I have written time and again. and lately I have seen a letter written by to br David. he stated in it that you had written to me frequently by <​but​> I have not recd. any since the one from Ohio— I recd a letter from Sr E. Jamson he stated a few things to me, from you in regard to the old Frye concern and also respecting the church history which is at my controll but not in my Possession and can be had at a fair price I should like to know how you are a doing and how you are feeling in regard to what we talked in regard to the old Frye concern before you left this place. I hope you are willing to do the clean thing. and why is it that that matter is not settled agreeable to your letter written to me at Ohio, in which you said that as soon as you became settled and found a resting place you would close out business— I feel anxious to have it closed. you have land in the which is going to destruction the timber that is valuable is prety much destroyed — Now if you will come here in the spring I will sell to you the history for property &c. [p. [1]]
Provided we can agree as to price, and I think there will be but little difficulty in that. You Own a small quanti[t]y of lan[d] north of me Joining to my field which I should like to own. The South end of the S.E. half of S.E. qr sec. 11. &c. I am aware that land which you deeded to Mr. N. Walker is yet yours &c. from what you wrote to me from .
My wife has been very sick but is now getting better her complaint Procidentia Uteri Elder Gates the bearer hereof will tell you more particular concerning me and my kinsfolk &c.
Very Respectfully yours
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Jany. 8th. 1844.
Jan 8. 1844
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    Docket in handwriting of Willard Richards.  

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    Docket in handwriting of Leo Hawkins.