Letter, London, England, to “Gentlemen,” 28 June 1843

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June 28 1843
It affords me no small degree of pleasure to inform you that the Gospel is making great progress in and openings are presenting themselves in all directions not only in the united Kingdom but States of Europe <​as well as India and China​>. To give effect to comprehensive plans for preaching it in Scotland Ireland and all the Continental States of Europe steps cannot be too soon taken for it remains beyond question that unnumbered Millions may be added to the The signs of the times also supply a subject for the taking of active steps that the everlasting Gospel may be preached not only in The Continental States also but in every Nation of the Earth for we are apparently on the eve of the second coming of the Lord Jesus Untried plans and unpredecented expedients should now become the grand desideratum [p. [1]] of study with all possible despatch that a supply of Preachers may be sent forth to all nations commensurate with the exegencies of the case at this order A Stirring address cannot be too soon got up and all Nations Solemnly warned of the position they occupy and to close in with the everlasting Gospel and which could not fail of telling with powerful and commanding effect upon the immediate attention of the Rulers of all Nations as well as their Subject
It give effect to this plan that the warning may reach all Nations it seems Gentlemen important in getting up a Newspaper embodying the address as well as other information now called for copies of which to be transmitted to every quarter of the globe and to the public Press and could it be found available to translate the address in the French German Italian Spanish Russian Hindustani and every [p. [2]] other language Known results the most Signal and Stupendous would be soon seen this has been long wanted and no time should be lost in giving directions for effecting a translation that all nations may hear the glad tidings. The address to be published Seperately also for sale in all Nations The copies of Newspapers transmitted In the States of Europe India China and all the Colonies of the British Empire could not fail of doing much good
Those addressed to India China and all the Colonies would only be subject to one penny postage for each copy while those to and the Continental States might be entrusted In the Manchester Superintendent for supplying all those States
The Newspapers for pay one hal[f]penny upon their reception those for Spain the same when directed via
The awful signs of the times now call for a Newspaper for the interests of the cause and it remains beyond question was such a powerful engine now put in motion and an adequate number of copies transmitted in all the Churches of Europe as well as a supply for general sale the most pleasing results would be soon seen [p. [3]] our cause has long suffered violence from not considering this and concentrating all the Churches of Europe and The signs of the times now call for dextrous efforts with all possible despatch worthy the dignity of the cause and he whose high commission you hold
Shall it be said that we are affraid to make an advance in solemnly warning all Nations by Epistolary as well as printed correspondence
It is the only channel Nations are to be reached and every advantage should be taken of the same for the Eternal welfare of unnumbered millions and say not with your energy and zeal hundreds of Millions cannot be added unto the Church in Spain Portugal and the other States of Europe
That an adequate supply of labourers may be sent forth to each the signs of the times now call for the adoption of comprehensive plans that all may hear the Gospel in their own language high and low rich and poor and be [p. [4]]
A stirring address should also be issued forth To The Jewish People and steps taken in again proclaiming the glad tidings to them the most pleasing results would arise from your spirited address to them as well as the one to all Nations
A stirring address to those acquainted with the Foreign languages to effect a translation of all the addresses that is issued could not fail at doing much good and leading many of the members to make themselves useful upon this subject that the address and other matter may be translated in every Known language of the Earth By all the tender feelings your heart is susceptable my highly esteemed Gentleman let their be a mighty effort at this awful crisis in warning all the Nations of the Earth of the position they occupy and in the steps you take may our Heavenly Father for Jesus sake signally bless and prosper the efforts made in heralding forth at this the eleventh hour the everlasting Gospel
Hoping this will find you all in the best of health
I Remain My highly Esteemed Gentlemen
Your Obt Servt <​and Brother in the Gospel​>
An observer of the signs of the times [p. [5]]
English letter
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June 28. 1843
Brittish Mission
no name [p. [6]]


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