Letter, Martin and Hannah Heston Snider to David and Mary Beck Evans, 12 May 1843

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New mount pleasent Jay County State of Indiana
From Martin & Hannah [Heston] Snider to David Evans
We may suppose you have heard more from us then ever aney body has seen from us however we Deeme our honour Just as <​good as​> Some of our neighbors I have never seen you as I know of But I mus Let you know that I have heard a great Deal of Good talk of you we once had heard that you Was Ded and that all the Mormons was Driven out of the nor ever Did we know aney Better till this Spring one of our neighbors Brought Some pamphlits from Green County ohio and then <​we​> know Better we have made Some Calculation if Everything Comes good to us that we will move to the City of in the Course of one or too years if we Can Sell our Land we will Come Sooner we also <​heard​> off some <​of you​> Beeing not far from us Last winter preaching in Deerfield and we send a few Lines to John Mack to Let the men know of us and Come in Our neighbour hood and preach to a heatherin nation But we soon heard that M.r. mack and the men was goon [gone] so we gave them out of Coming to us We Should Like verry well if Some of you would Come out hear this faul [fall] <​and​> preach for Some of us poor Sinners that we mite hear some good in This wast wilderness ware in we Live at present we have had a Long and hard winter the people here have not got aney Oats sowed nor aney Corn ground plowed our wheat Crops Looks verry Bad the trees in the woods Looks as if they had Been Burnt with fire Last faul and Cant put out their <​leaves​> this Spring we Should Like to know if there is aney Land that we mite get to farme or if there is aney that we could Buy or enter near the City of
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My wife was Hannah Heston the Daughter of John Heston near hanover Zebulon Heston Lives near us widoe Crozer and hir famely Lives with in one mile of us one of Henry Schootys sons Lives Close to us by the name of harvy
I am a Black smith By my trade I Should Like to know if it woul[d] Bee worth wile to Bring My tools along or if I mite Do Better at Some Other work. I wish for you or some one of that place to write me a Letter and Let us know of you and that part of the world what was Best for poor people to Do when they Come in a strang part of the world Send your <​Letter​> By the mail and Direct it to Martin Snider New mount pleasent post office Jay County State of Indiana you must over Look my urrors for I have to Lay on my <​Back​> all this time that I have Been writing this Letter and all winter Bee Sides with the rheumatis[m] in one of my knees altho I am a good Deal Better at present then I have Been some time Back I shall Close my Letter our well wishes to you all Both now and for ever
Martin an[d] Hannah Snider
May the 12, 1843 [p. [2]]
Dear brother and Sister time is long Since i have seen or heard from yo[u] I hope you are in good health and still living In the fear of the lord we are a living In a verry wild and wicked world and And no meeting only methodis and Camelites and it is such poor satis faction To go to hear them preach I would rather Stay at home and my mind has bin some what entangled with this worlds afairs But I pray the lord will for give me for the mis Spent time If we had a knew Where you and rest of the Brothers And Sisters was we would a made Sooner preparations to Come<​ing​> to you I want you and brother To come once more and preach the gospel to us Some of our neighbours Is verry, anctious to hear a mormon preach I fee[l] so desirous to come to navo I hardly know how to spend My time we would like our family to heve a better better bring ing up than we are able to give them here If we was able we would come this Fall but we cant come till we can Sell our land and then if the lord will help and assist us we will en davour to meat you all I send my love to all the brothers <​and​> Sis ters In I hope that you will pray to god for us well fare and that wee may be faithful to the lord I must come to close
Hannah Snider
David and Mary [Beck] evans [p. [3]]
To Joseph Smith
Hencock County
S. Illinois
From Martin Snider to David Evans
Nw Mt Pleasent
Ind. May 19
paid 18½


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