Letter, Richard Barret to Moses Nickerson and George Miller, 19 June 1841

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Ill. June 19th 1841
Dr Sirs
Your joint letter of the 14th is rec.d. If I go to Kentucky, as I propose to do in a few days I cannot visit your place until about 1st. of Aug, at which time I will either make a sale of the to your Society, or allow you to lease it, and will give a certain portion for possessing & settleing it. If any of your people should want to make settlement before that time, they can do so, and we can no doubt agree upon terms, <​when I come over,​> as I intend to be liberal in my exactions.
As to ’s portion of the letter I have only to say that I shall not be a Candidate for Congress; but in justice to myself I will state that I have no control on, or interest in the Warsaw Signal, and never saw or knew the editors name until the morning of the day I reached . Mr. Aldrich of that place said to me [p. [1]] that if I became a Candidate for Congress the editor, by himself & citizens could be, no doubt, controled, so far as to support me, or to exercise neutrality towards me, owing to my interest in that place, and my other interests in the military-tract, and that quarter of the country.
My friends here, and a deputation from Morgan Co. has go which left this morning, are still urging me to run; but I have no political ambition, and my private interests, and buisness forbid my becoming a Candidate. I hear no doubt from all that I have seen & heard that I could be elected probably 10.000 votes; but in my land operations in the Military-tract, and in I was acting, and am still acting as the agent of others, so that I have not full control of my own time & inclinations.
Give regards to Mr. Smith & , and believe me sincerly your friend
Richd. F. Barret
Messrs &
Ill [p. [2]]