Letter, Samuel Owens to Thomas Ford, 10 June 1843

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Mo June 10th 1843
To His Exclc,
Sir For the last three months I have been corresponding with Doct , relative to one certain Jo Smith Mormon prophet &c of your . In several of s letters to me, he informes me that my name is known to you, taking this for granted, authorises me without hesitation to write you fully upon the <​a​> subject that the people of this part of the <​our​> feel themselves vitally interested.
At the last term of the Circuit Court of an indightment <​indictment​> was found by the grand jury of said against Joseph Smith for treason against this , the necessary papers are now on their way to , who on the receipt thereof I have no doubt will make a requisition upon you for the apprehensin and delivery of said Smith to the bearer Mr who you as a special agent to attend to this business and I am in hopes that so soon as the propper papers come to hand you will take that course that will secure this imposter and have him delivered over to further states writes <​me​> that he has made an arangement with of ( seat of Justice) in whose hands in <​he wishes​> the writ that shall be issued by you to be put from the tenor of his letters I am induced to believe that he [p. [1]] has made the same suggestions to you, the only wish of the people of this is that this man Joseph Smith may be brought to that Justice which the magnitude of his crime merits
Respectfully your obt servant
Saml C Owens [p. [2]]
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June 10, 1843
Saml C. Owens to [p. [4]]


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    Docket in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.