Letter, Thomas Ford to Miner R. Deming, 30 June 1844

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Head Quarters
June 30th. 1844
It is my present opinion that the Mormons will not commit any further outbreak, and that no further alarm need be apprehended. I regret to learn that the party in who are in favor of violent measures, have circulated a thousand false rumors of danger, for the purpose of getting men together, without my authority, hoping that when assembled, they may be ready to join in their violent councils. This is a fraud upon the and must not be endured.
I am afraid that the people of , are fast depriving themselves of the sympathy of their fellow citizens, and of the world. I strictly order and enjoin on you that you permit no attack on or any of the people there without my authority. I think it would be best to disband your forces, unless it should be necessary to retain them to suppress violence on either side, of this you must be the judge at present—
I direct that you immediately order all persons, from and to leave the camp and return to their respective houses without delay
I direct also that you cause all mutinous persons, and all persons who advise tumultuous proceedings to be arrested; and that you take [p. [1]] energetic measures to stop the practice of spreading false reports put in circulation to inflame the public mind
Commander in cheif
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Copy— June 30th.
s letter, to
filed July 1st1844 [p. [4]]