Letter to Brigham Young, 17 and 20 June 1844

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City of
June 17 th. 1844
Dr Brother :—
There has been for several days a great excitement among the inhabitants in the adjoining Counties. Mass meetings are held upon mass meeting, drawing up resolutions to utterly exterminate the Saints. The excitement has been gotten up by the Laws, Fosters, and the Higbees; and they themselves have left the and are engaged in the mob. They have sent their runners into the State of to excite them to murder and bloodshed, and the report is that a great many hundreds of them will come over to take an active part in murdering the saints. The excitement is very great indeed. It is thought best <​by​> by brother Joseph and myself, and others, for you to return without delay, and the rest of the Twelve and all the Elders that have gone out from this place, and as many more good faithful men as feel disposed to come up with them. Let wisdom be exercised, and whatever they do, do it without a noise. You know a we are not frightened but think it best to be well prepared and be ready for the onset; and if it is extermination— extermination it is, of course. Communicate to the others of the Twelve with as much speed as possible, with perfect stilness and calmness. A word to the wise is sufficient and a little powder, lead and a good Rifle, can be packed [p. [1]] in your luggage very easy without creating any suspicion.
There must be no excuses made, for wisdom says that a strict compliance will with this request will be for our safety and welfare.
In haste I remain yours in the firm bonds of the new and Everlasting Covenant
Large bodies of armed men, cannon and munitions of war are course comeing on from in steamboats: These facts are communicated to the , and of the , and you will redily see that we have to prepare for the onset
In the bonds of the new and Ever[la]sting Coven[an]t
I remain yours [1/4 page blank] [p. [2]]
[page [3] blank] [p. [3]]
Copy of a Letter to the Twelve.
filed June 20th. 1844.
. Po[r]tage N. Y
Richmond, Mad. Co <​Ky​>
sent by exprss by A[aron] M York to the >
June 17— 1844
Copy letter to the Twelve to return home [p. [4]]


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