Letter to Edward Hunter, 26 January 1842

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January 26— <​1842​>
Mr. ,
Dear Sir
I write you at this moment To let you know that I have been obliged to transfer your note of of $1100— to Messrs & , on settlement as collateral security. Therefore you will please keep f forward eleven hundred dollars of the money <​you​> shall get on the Letter of attorny from Mrs [Margaret] Smith. To Messrs Laws for the redemption of your note which I transferred to them,— & I will make the application of the same to the purposed purposes you have desired— & according to my letters to you of the 5th. of Jany. & 21 of december, In which I mentioned particallry [particularly] about the situation of affairs here, and also— about the forwarding of the Letter of Attorny From Mrs Smith according to your request.—
Do not suppose sir that I have made the above transfer to crowd upon you; Far from it, It has been a matter of necesity & will not Injure you. as the mony you get on the power of Attorny, is coming to me,— and if a part is applied to liquidate your note to Law. & the note returns to my hands it will be the same to you as though the transfer had not been made, &c the remainder you will please to retain as according to my last letter.
The church is in a prosperous condition, & the Saints are exerting themselves with all their powers to complete the , The hea[l]th of the is good.
I am paying for your house, in goods & also the Land which I bought of . for you. has profferd me other lands in addition, which I shall secure so soon as I [p. [2]] draw the writings.— We have no a[n]swer from yet. though I think there is no doubt— I shall get the land.
With my best wishes I remain your Brothr in Christ
Joseph Smith
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West Nantmeal
Chester County
Pensylvania [p. [4]]


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