Letter to Edward Hunter, 26 January 1842

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January 26— <​1842​>
Mr. ,
Dear Sir
I write you at this moment To let you know that I have been obliged to transfer your note of of $1100— to Messrs & , on settlement as collateral security. Therefore you will please keep f forward eleven hundred dollars of the money <​you​> shall get on the Letter of attorny from Mrs [Margaret] Smith. To Messrs Laws for the redemption of your note which I transferred to them,— & I will make the application of the same to the purposed purposes you have desired— & according to my letters to you of the 5th. of Jany. & 21 of december, In which I mentioned particallry [particularly] about the situation of affairs here, and also— about the forwarding of the Letter of Attorny From Mrs Smith according to your request.—
Do not suppose sir that I have made the above transfer to crowd upon you; Far from it, It has been a matter of necesity & will not Injure you. as the mony you get on the power of Attorny, is coming to me,— and if a part is applied to liquidate your note to Law. & the note returns to my hands it will be the same to you as though the transfer had not been made, &c the remainder you will please to retain as according to my last letter.
The is in a prosperous condition, & the Saints are exerting themselves with all their powers to complete the , The hea[l]th of the is good.
I am paying for your house, in goods & also the Land which I bought of . for you. has profferd me other lands in addition, which I shall secure so soon as I [p. [2]] draw the writings.— We have no a[n]swer from yet. though I think there is no doubt— I shall get the land.
With my best wishes I remain your Brothr in Christ
Joseph Smith
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West Nantmeal
Chester County
Pensylvania [p. [4]]


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    Hunter wanted this money to be used to finish building his house in Nauvoo or to pay debts on land purchases he had made or sought to make from Robert D. Foster, Chauncey Robison, and Hugh McFall. (Letter from Edward Hunter, 27 Oct. 1841.)  

  2. 2

    Letter to Edward Hunter, 5 Jan. 1842; Letter to Edward Hunter, 21 Dec. 1841.  

  3. 3

    JS wanted any additional funds to be spent on goods to be sold in his store in Nauvoo, (Letter to Edward Hunter, 5 Jan. 1842.)  

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    An epistle of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles dated 13 December 1841 stated, “The building of the Temple of the Lord, in the city of Nauvoo, is occupying the first place in the exertions and prayers of many of the saints at the present time.” (Brigham Young et al., “Baptism for the Dead,” Times and Seasons, 15 Dec. 1841, 3:625.)  

    Times and Seasons. Commerce/Nauvoo, IL. Nov. 1839–Feb. 1846.

  5. 5

    Malaria was a recurring threat in Nauvoo due to the presence of mosquitoes carrying virulent plasmodium parasites. The Saints faced a severe epidemic in the summer of 1839. (JS, Journal, 8–20 July 1839; Pratt, Autobiography, 324; Heiner et al., “Medical Terms Used by Saints in Nauvoo,” 153.)  

    Pratt, Parley P. The Autobiography of Parley Parker Pratt, One of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Embracing His Life, Ministry and Travels, with Extracts, in Prose and Verse, from His Miscellaneous Writings. Edited by Parley P. Pratt Jr. New York: Russell Brothers, 1874.

    Heiner, Douglas C., Evan L. Ivie, and Teresa Lovell Whitehead. “Medical Terms Used by Saints in Nauvoo and Winter Quarters, 1839–48.” Religious Educator 10, no. 3 (2009): 150–162.

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    According to his 5 January 1842 letter, JS had purchased “90 acres of woodland, a little up the River” for Hunter. (Letter to Edward Hunter, 5 Jan. 1842.)  

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    JS mentioned trying to acquire land from McFall in letters he wrote on 21 December 1841 and 5 January 1842. (Letter to Edward Hunter, 21 Dec. 1841; Letter to Edward Hunter, 5 Jan. 1842.)  

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