Letter to Emma Smith, 23 June 1844

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Safety June 23.
Brother Lewis has some mony of mine— has $1000, in his hand of mine, Br Neff, Lancaster Co. Pa.,— $400.
You may sell the Property.— or any property that belongs to me you can find any thing about, for your support and children & . Do not dispair—— If God evr opens a door that is possible for me I will see you again. I do not know where I shall go, or what I shall do, but shall if possible endeavor to get to the city of .
May God Almighty bless you & the child[re]n & & all my friends.
My heart ble[e]ds, no more at present. If you conclude to go to , , or any other place, I wish you would continue to inform me, this evening.
Joseph Smith.
P.S. If in your power I want you should help family. [p. [1]]
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June 23—
J. Smith
June 23, 44 [p. [4]]


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