Letter to George W. Harris, 24 May 1839

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Ill, May 24th 1839
Dear Sir
I write you to say that I have selected a Town lot for you just across the street from my own, and immediately beside yours one for [p. 11] as to getting the temporary house erected which you desired, I have not been able to find any person willing to take hold of the job, and have thought that perhaps you may meet with some person at who could take it in hand.
Business goes on with us in quite a lively manner and we hope soon to have the acquisition of and family, with other friends to assist us in our arduous, but glorious undertaking. Our families are all well And as far as we have knowledge all things are going on quietly and smoothly.
Yours &c &c
Joseph Smith Jr
, Ill. [p. 12]


  1. 1

    The lot JS referenced here was in block 155 in Commerce. (Trustees Land Book B, 263.)  

    Trustees Land Books / Trustee-in-Trust, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Land Books, 1839–1845. 2 vols. CHL. MS 3437.

  2. 2

    JS’s journal entry for 20–24 May 1839 notes that he was “at home” and “employed dictating letters and attending to the various business of the Church.” (JS, Journal, 20–24 May 1839.)