Letter to Isaac Morris, 16 June 1843

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June 16th. 1843
Mr Esqr
Dr Sir:—
Since my interview with you at a few weeks ago I have endeavoured to find the letter I spoke to you about but have been unsuccessful. I have found a minute of the propositions which I took at the time, And from that minute it appears that the S. W. 4— 6— 8 is owned by Mr Meekes [Daniel Meeker] of and upon <​the strength of​> which we have sold or rather bargained the land to some emigrants, Now Sir, if you can come to any conclusions [as] to what you would like to do in the case, I would be happy to receive a line, as the agency is in your hands. We are ready at any time to enter into a contract according to the terms I mentioned in my last.
We would also contract for the S. W. 84— 6— 8 if you will make known your terms, and we can comply with them. Please write us immediately on the subject.
Yours respy for Joseph Smith
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