Letter to John Hewitt, 14 June 1835

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To the Rev. Mr. Hewett [John Hewitt].
Sir, In consequence of your not returning to us as we understood you at your introduction to us. It was resolved and approved in council, on the evening of the 14th Inst. that the bearer , one of the presiding of our church, should proceed to &c. and ascertain, if possible, the cause of your delay. and this is done as one reason. that we feel an anxious desire, for the Salvation of the souls of men, and to satisfy your inquiries concerning the religion we Profess. If at it is the sincere desire of the council that Mr. Hewet return, that we may satisfy him; concerning our Religion, and we satisfy us concerning his, for we feel as great a desire for the welfare of his people as he can have for ours.
With respect & esteem
I am, Sir, your friend
. June 14 1835 [p. 92]


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    On 5 December 1834, Oliver Cowdery was ordained an assistant president in the presidency of the high priesthood. (Account of Meetings, Revelation, and Blessing, 5–6 Dec. 1834.)  

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    Ferris Fitch of the Congregational church later charged that Hewitt visited the Saints in Kirtland “for the purpose of joining that body.” Hewitt denied this, stating, “If this was my purpose, why did I not unite with them?” (Ferris Fitch, “For the Telegraph,” Painesville [OH] Telegraph, 26 Feb. 1836, [3]; John Hewitt, “To the Rev. Ferris Fitch,” Painesville [OH] Telegraph, 4 Mar. 1836, [3].)  

    Painesville Telegraph. Painesville, OH. 1822–1986.