Letter to John M. Bernhisel, 7 September 1842

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Sepr. 7th. 1842
Dr & respected
Your friendly communication of the 8th. Ult has been put into my hands.
With regard to the subject treated upon viz, the covering of the Roof of the with Tin &c I have only to say that we have not come to any conclusion what kind of mettals or material we shall use as yet, and I think it would be best not to be in haste about paying money for those materials for some time yet as there are many other things which are far more needful for the at the present time. By the time the material will be wanted for the roof, we shall have had the privilege of mature reflection and as we shall have constant communication between here and there will be little difficulty in getting it when wanted if we conclude to fetch it from there.
I shall have a Deed made out for the six acres of land according to your instructions which I will forward to you for signature and acknowledgement by when he returns, which he will do soon.
I am happy to be able to state that the progresses steadily, notwithstanding the pressure of the times and the wrath of our enemies, [p. [1]] The Missourians, together with some of the principal officers of this , and especially ; are again disgracing themselves by persecution and cruelty. They have so little regard for truth,— the laws of the land,— and constitution of the , that they have issued processes for my arrest as illegal as can be imagined, and they themselves are aware of it. of has made affidavit that I was “accessary before the fact of an assassination upon him with intent to kill on the evening of the sixth of May last.” It happens well for truth and justice that about 6 or 7 thousand people know well that I was with the both on the 6th. and 7th. of May in this . This being proved has shown the designs of their undertaking viz, to persecute the innocent. A writ was issued for by , and put into the hands of the who immediately started for and on the 8th. ult arrested me at my own house, but their writ was proved to them to be illegal and unconstitutional. The Municipal Court also issued a writ of under which I was set at liberty from their hands. They returned, and a report went abroad that the matter would end there, but we did not expect it and consequently I kept out of their way, and when they returned I was away. When was informed of the proceedings of the Municipal Court, his anger got the master of his judgement and he disregarded our Charter and [p. [2]] would not pay any attention to it. Thereby impeaching the proceedings of Congress and proving himself to be not a whit better than his Colleague of . He dispatched the , back with orders to take me at all hazards and pay no regard to our charter. But I concluded it best to keep out of their way, which I have been enabled to do. After tarrying a little over a week they went back to . I suppose they tarried away untill they thought I should be off my guard and last friday they started again with a reinforcment and (it is said) a new writ determining to take me in the night; but in this they were again disapointed for they did not arrive untill noon on Saturday, and when they got here I soon got out of their way. Thus you see I am obliged to exile myself to save the lives of the people as well as my own life from day to day, and for no cause. Now will not all true lovers of liberty and sacred rights arise and proclaim against the authors of such bloodthirsty and cruel persecution? Will the public not defend the innocent and stamp with indignity all such proceedings? Yes, let the public who love the constitution of <​our​> country arise and expose to the four quarters of the Earth the mean, low, abominable and blood thirsty conduct of those who are now seeking the innocent for no other purpose than to murder and spoil.
and the are on their way to your and will give you every information on the subject.
Yours in haste
Joseph Smith [p. [3]]
<​ Ill SEP 14​>
176 Hudson St
City of
N. Y. [p. [4]]


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