Letter to John Tyler, 20 June 1844

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City of , Ill. June 20, 1844.
: I have Just enclosed to the of the State of , copies of the enclosed affidavits and Extra. I am sorry to say that the State of , not contented <​with​> robbed robbing, driving, and murdered murdering many of the Latter day Saints, are now Joining the mob of this for the purpose of <​the​> “utter extermination” of the Mormons, as they have resolved. And now, , as president of the , will you render that protection which the constitution guarantees in case of Insurrection and rebellion,” and Save the innocent and oppressed from such horrid persecution?
With great respect I have the honor to be your obt. Sert
Joseph Smith
of the )
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Copy of Letter to
President of the
June 20th. 1844.
June 20. 1844
Genl. Joseph Smith to President [p. [2]]


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