Letter to Justin Butterfield, 16 January 1843

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Jany. 16th. 1842 <​1843​>
Dr Sir/: I now sit down to inform you of our safe arrival home on tuesday last after a cold and troublesome journey of four days. We found our families well and cheerful. The news of our arrival was soon generally known, and when it was understood that justice had once more triumphed over oppression, and the innocent been rescued from the power of mobocracy gladness filled the hearts of the citizens of , and gratitude to those who had so nobly and manfully defended the cause of justice and innocence was universally manifest, and of course I rejoiced with them and felt like a free man at home
Yesterday a letter was received by Esqr. from which was handed to me this A. M. From that letter it appears that was at a few days after we left there and that he is determined if possible to keep up the persecution against me. I herewith transmit a copy of his letter and shall rely upon your council in the event of any further attempt to oppress me and deprive me of liberty; but I am in hopes that will not gratify the spirit of oppression and mobocracy so glaringly manifest in the conduct of
The following is a copy of his letter [p. [1]]
Ill. Jan. 10— 1842 [1843]
Mr and ;
Dear Friends;
It is a long time since I have written you, and I should now much desire to see you, but I leave to night for to meet the messenger charged with the arrest of Joseph Smith, , , and others; for murder, burglary, treason &c. &c. who will be demanded in a few days on new indictments, found by the grand jury of a called court, on the original evidence, and in relation to which a was entered by the District Attorney. New proceedings have been gotten up on the old charges— and no can then save them. We shall try Smith on the case when we get him into . The war goes bravely on, and altho’ Smith thinks he is now safe— the enemy is near, even at the door. He has awoke the wrong passenger. The will relinquish Joe up at once on the new requistion there is but one opinion in the case, and that is nothing can save Joe on a new requistion and demand predicated on the old charges, in the institution of new writs. He must go to , but he shall not be harmed if he is not guilty, but he is a murderer and must suffer the penalty of the law. Enough on this subject. [p. [2]]
I hope that both of your kind and amiable families are well, and you will please to give them all my best respects. I hope to see you all soon. When the officer arrives I shall be near at hand. I shall see you all again. Please to write me at immediately.
Yours, respectfully
P. S. Will please to hand this letter to after reading?
This is his letter verbatim et literatim In the foregoing the designs of are very plainly manifest; and to see his rascallity you have only to read some articles from his pen published in the “Times and Seasons” about 2 years ago; on the subject of the affair.
I shall be happy to hear from you on this subject as soon as convenient. Also if you have received any communication from . We are ready to execute the Mortgage at any time.
Yours very resp[ectfull]y Joseph Smith
by Agent
P. S. I would just remark that I am not at all indebted to for this letter but to who after he had read it, immediately brought it to me. [p. [3]]
Copy of a letter to Esqr
dated Jany 16 1843 [p. [4]]


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