Letter to Thomas Carlin, 30 July 1842

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July 30th. 1842
Esteemed Sir,
Your favour of the 27th. inst. pr Brevet Major Gen. is before me. I cannot let this opportunity pass without tendering to you my Warmest thanks for the friendly treatment my as well as those with her received at your hands during the late visit, and also for the friendly feelings breathed forth in your letter. Your may be assured that they are duly appreciated by me and shall ever be reciprocated.
I am perfectly satisfied with regard to the subject under consideration and with your remarks. I shall consider myself and our citizens secure from harm under the broad canopy of the Law under your administration, We look to you [p. 239] for protection in the event of any voilence being used towards us knowing that our innocence with reguard to all the accusations in circulation will be duly evidenced before an enlightened public.
Any service we can do the at any time will be cheerfully done, for our ambition is to be serviceable to our .
With sentiments of respect and esteem I remain your humble Servant
Joseph Smith
His Excellency [p. 240]


  1. 1

    Law also delivered JS’s 25 July 1842 letter to Carlin. (Letter from Thomas Carlin, 27 July 1842.)  

  2. 2

    Emma Smith, Eliza R. Snow, and Amanda Barnes Smith accompanied Wilson Law when he delivered JS’s letter and petitions to Carlin, including a petition prepared and signed by members of the Female Relief Society of Nauvoo. (Letter from Thomas Carlin, 27 July 1842.)