Letter to Thomas Ford, 22 June 1844

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Saturday Morning
June 22nd. 1844
To His Excellency)
Dear Sir:— I this morning forward you the remainder of the affidavits which are ready to present to you information on the whole subject which have been the cause of the origin of our present difficulties. I would respectfully recommend the bearers as one of my aids & men whose testimonies can be relied upon.
I presume you are already convinced that it would be altogether unsafe for me or any of the city council to come to on account of the vast excitement which has been got up by false report and libellous publications. Nothing would afford me a greater pleasure than a privilege of investigating the whole Subject before your in person, for I have ever held myself in readiness to comply with your orders and answer for my proceedings before any legal tribunal in the .
I would hereby respectfully pray your to come to , if congenial with your feelings and give us a privilege of laying the whole matter before you in its true colors, and where abundance of testimony can be forthcoming to prove every point by disinterested persons, strangers, who were here all the time, but I am satisfied your does not wish men to expose the lives of the citizens of this place by requiring them to put themselves into the power of an infuriated, blood thirsty mob, a part of whom have already several times fired upon our people without the least shadow of cause or provocation. [p. [1]]
I am informed this morning that some Gentleman has made affidavit that he had a private conversation with me in which I stated that I had Secret correspondence with you &c. If any person has been wicked enough to do this he is a perjured villian, for in the first place I do not suffer myself to hold private conversation with any stranger, and in the second place I have never even intimated any thing of the kind as having secret correspondence with your .
Our troubles are invariably brought upon us by falsehood & misrepresentations by designing men, we have ever held ourselves amenable to the law, and for myself Sir, I am ever ready to conform to and support the laws and constitution even at the expense of my life, I have never in the least offered any resistance to law, or lawful process which is a fact well known to the public, all of which circumstances make us the more anxious to have you come to and investigate the whole matter.
Now Sir is it not an easy matter to distinguish between those who have pledged themselves to exterminate innocent men, women and children, and those who have only stood in the<​ir​> own defence and in defence of their innocent families and that to in accordance with the constitution & laws of the as required by their oaths and as good and law abiding citizens.
In regard to the destruction of the press the truth only needs to be presented before your to satisfy you of the Justice of the proceedings. The press was established by a set of men who had already set themselves at defiance of the [p. [2]] laws, authorities of the and had threatened the lives of some of its principle officers, and who also made an private matter that the press was established for the express purpose of destroying the and as will be shown by the affidavit of and as they stated to me in their threats.
informs me that reports are in circulation that we have taken property which belongs to Mr Law and others.
There has been no property meddled with to my knowledge belonging to any person, except property we have purchased of the rightful owners, Mr Law turned over some property to a Mr Hicks to pay a debt. This I purchased of Mr Hicks and I am responsible to him for the amount. We have been especially careful to preserve the property of those who are exciting the public against us inasmuch as we knew every means would be used which could be invented to raise excitement and we have appointed the police to watch this property and see that no harm was done to it by any person as they had tried to fire their own building and was detected in the act, the fire was extinguished by the policemen and no property damaged.
There has no prisoners been taken in this neither any persons held as hostage only some residents of this place who had broke the laws. No stranger has been interfered with, nor detained in the , under any circumstances.
In haste I have the honor to remain Dr Sir your Most obedt. Sevt. [p. [3]]
Letter to Govr
June 22nd 1844. [p. [4]]


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    Docket in the handwriting of John McEwan.