Letter to Thomas Ford, 24 June 1844

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Fou[r] mil[e]s west <​of​>
Mound Hancock Co. Ill
Monday 10 oclok
His Excellecy
De[a]r Sir on my way to to answer to Your Req[u]est, this mornig I have met who has m[a]de know[n] to me your order to surrender the state arms in possession of the which dem[a]nd I shall most cheerfully comply with and that the same may be done proprly and without trouble to the — I shall return with to , see that the arms are put in his possession and shall then return to head quarters in his company when I shall most cherfuly submit to any requisition of the of our
With all due respect to your [illegible] I rema[i]n— Sir most Respctfuly your obt svt
Joseph Smith [p. [1]]
June 24— 1844
Joseph to — June 24— 44
4 mi from
Copy [p. [2]]


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    Docket in the handwriting of Thomas Bullock.  

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    Docket in the handwriting of Willard Richards.  

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    Docket in unidentified handwriting.